Parent adjusts child's bike helmet.

Pediatric Trauma Prevention

Helping Kids Be Kids, Safely

Preventable injuries are the number one killer of kids in the United States. To help combat this staggering statistic, Renown Health is proud to partner with local and national organizations to educate parents – and all members of the community – on how we can keep kids safe from injury.

Renown Health leads Safe Kids Washoe County to design and implement programs that reduce injuries through educating adults and children, creating safe environments, conducting research and advocating for effective laws for children aged 0-14.

REMSA Car Seat Inspections

REMSA's Point of Impact program encourages parents to ensure their car seats are properly installed. View REMSA's website for upcoming Free Car Seat Inspections. REMSA Events

Trauma Prevention Resources


Car Seats

REMSA Health’s Point of Impact Car Seat Program offers checkpoints throughout the community to ensure car seats are installed properly and are the correct size for your growing kid.

Off-Highway Vehicles

Nevada Outdoor School’s Ride Safe, Ride Smart Program: Thanks to funding from the Nevada Off-Highway Vehicle Commission and Nevada State Parks, Nevada Outdoor School has developed an online OHV Safety Certification plus an in-person rider evaluation and training program.


Safe Routes to School’s goal is to promote safe walking, cycling and the use of alternative transportation modes among students, while decreasing the number of vehicles commuting to and around schools.

Vision Zero Truckee Meadows aims for zero traffic fatalities or injuries involving motor vehicles on roadways by promoting safe, healthy, equitable and sustainable mobility for all. They do this through a comprehensive approach that prioritizes intuitive infrastructure, data-driven strategies and political leadership, while addressing traffic deaths as a public health crisis.

Newborn and Infant Safety

Renown Health offers childbirth and newborn classes that help parents gain the tools necessary to the newest members of their family safe.


Renown Children’s Hospital’s Save Your Skull Program is an educational outreach program that targets the youth of northern Nevada by presenting to high school students on the prevention of traumatic injury.

Think First National Injury Prevention Foundation provides educational presentations by health educators and speakers to promote injury prevention among junior and senior high schools and after-school programs.


Sparks Kiwanis Bike Program’s mission is to improve the lives of children by hosting youth camps, clubs, clinics and individual education and donating over 600 bikes per year to schools and youth organizations.

Think First National Injury Prevention Foundation raises awareness and promotes the prevention of brain and spinal cord injuries in our community. They also aim to provide helmets to young individuals to safeguard their heads and establish a new social norm of safety consciousness among them. 


Be Smart Northern Nevada focuses on the importance of secure gun storage and community awareness to reduce gun injuries and deaths among children.


Safe Kids Washoe County

Dad teaching daughter how to ride a bike

Safe Kids Washoe County

Accidental injury is the number one cause of death among children ages 14 and under in the United States. Every day, one out of every four children needs medical attention for accidental injury.

Safe Kids Washoe County believes that children should grow up safe, healthy, and injury-free. Safe Kids designs programs that reduce injuries through educating adults and children, creating safe environments, conducting research, and advocating for effective laws for children aged 0-14