In 2017, Renown Health collaborated with the Washoe County Health District for a second time to conduct a Washoe County Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA). The Washoe County CHNA provides a comprehensive overview of the health status and quality of life in our community. The CHNA used validated and reliable data sources, results from an online survey of 1,400 residents, input from local subject matter experts and feedback from over 80 leaders and stakeholders who participated in a community workshop. Each of these activities provided insights into the health needs of the community and the issues that impact health in the region.

This 2018-2021 Renown Health Community Benefit Plan is the implementation plan that addresses prioritized community health needs identified in the CHNA and targets specific areas for improvements in health outcomes. Other organizations, including the Washoe County Health District, will create their implementation plan from the same Washoe County CHNA. By sharing one assessment document, we are able to collaborate on improvement priorities that will complement each other for the benefit of the entire community.

Although the majority of patients reside in Washoe County and adjacent rural communities, Renown Health serves an area of nearly 80,000 square miles across northern Nevada. For clarity and focus, the CHNA health data were collected for the defined geopolitical boundary of Washoe County. However, in partnership with numerous organizations, Renown Health’s Community Benefit Plan programs will impact families in Washoe County and in neighboring rural areas. This three-year plan summarizes the health needs and the actions community partners have identified to address those needs. Community partners will report their progress to Renown Health every six months and adjustments to the delivery of program elements will be made accordingly.

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