Renown Health is honored to support local organizations in improving the health of Washoe County residents and neighboring communities. This 2018-2021 Community Benefit Plan provides an overview of goals, projects, and partnerships.

This Community Benefit Plan serves as a resource and a guide for programs and activities to improve health in the region. It is based on the findings of the Washoe County Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA). The 300-page CHNA, conducted in partnership with the Washoe County Health District, included gathering input from more than 1,400 people through a community survey.

Additionally, Renown Health’s Community Benefit team developed a community workshop and engaged 80 community members, hospital leaders, subject matter experts and local organizations to align priorities with the CHNA and to develop programs that meet our goals of improving health.

While this approach was systematic and thorough, we recognize that efforts to address health needs should be flexible and evolve over time. Many of the plan’s programs are captured under a Primary Health priority and employ strategies to address multiple health needs simultaneously. The table on page 3 provides an overview of the organizations, programs and health needs tha will be addressed through these efforts.

In FY19, Renown Health is investing over $1 million dollars locally through strategic community partnerships outlined in this plan. Renown Health has awarded grants for programs aimed to improve and prevent negative health outcomes related to needs identified by the 2018-2020 Washoe County Community Health Needs Assessment. Grant amounts typically range from $80,000-$150,000 per year and last up to 3 years. Grants were provided based on the following primary health priorities identified: mental health; substance use; physical activity, nutrition and weight; and chronic disease and screenings.