Respect and Compassionate Care. For Every Patient.

Renown Health is committed to making a genuine difference in the lives of our LGBTQ+ patients and every other member of our community.

This means we will always provide a welcoming, respectful environment and compassionate, relevant care to every patient regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

Renown is dedicated to helping you live your best, healthiest and most authentic life. In addition, as part of that journey, we encourage you to be open with your provider about your sexual identity, sexual behavior and gender identity to help ensure we provide you with the best possible care.

Because what matters most to us is your health.

Your Rights as a Patient:

At Renown, we believe every patient has a right to competent, considerate and respectful care in a safe setting that fosters the patient’s dignity and is free from all forms of abuse and harassment.

As a patient, you have a right to privacy and confidentiality during your medical treatment, as such, all conversations and personal health information shared with your provider are kept confidential.

As a patient, it is your right to share as much or as little information as you feel is appropriate. It is also your right to understand the reasons for any questions or examinations in the course of your care and to consent to answer or agree to them based on your understanding of their clinical relevance.

As a patient, you have an absolute right to feel welcome and be addressed and referred to by the name and pronouns you prefer. Renown team members have the ability to document those preferences in your medical record to be referenced by our staff in all interactions moving forward.

And as a Renown patient, you have the right to expect excellent care.

Our We C.A.R.E. philosophy is a company-wide commitment to deliver the best possible care to every patient, every time you walk in our doors and with every step that follows in your care journey with us.

Respecting your rights as a patient is not only the right way — it’s the only way Renown cares for you.

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Renown’s Commitment to Our Transgender Patients:

Renown is committed to the health, well-being and specific needs of every patient we care for. In addition to our policies regarding abuse, harassment and patient rights, the following protocols allow us to ensure equally respectful, compassionate care for all of our transgender patients.

Hormone Therapy: Renown commits to supporting your hormone therapy. Though we cannot guarantee your insurance will cover the cost, patients who are already undergoing therapy prior to being admitted to our hospital will not have their therapy interrupted, except in specific cases where your medical safety is at risk.

Facilities: Renown commits to providing you and all patients with safe and equal access to restrooms in accordance with individual gender identities and offers gender-inclusive restrooms throughout the Renown Regional Medical Center campus.

Conveniences: Renown commits to ensuring you have access to appropriate personal items for gender presentation to the same extent and expectations as any patient in our care.