Renown Health is committed to serving the needs of our region, keeping care close to home for the families of northern Nevada and eastern California. Your tax-deductible gift can support one or many areas to match your interests.

COVID-19 Donations

Renown Health continues to prepare to safely screen, diagnose and care for patients with respiratory illness, including coronavirus (COVID-19).

We are so grateful for our community’s support during these unprecedented times. To address the many generous offers of assistance, we have compiled this information and hope you find it helpful.

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Renown Institute for Cancer

At Renown, we are driven to understand our patients and make sure treatment is not just about defeating cancer, but supporting the person as well. Gifts to cancer services help acquire new technologies, improve care and meet ongoing needs.

Give to Renown Institute for Cancer
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Renown Institute for Heart & Vascular Health

Renown has more than 35 years of recognition as the region’s leader in heart and vascular care. Supporting Renown Institute for Heart & Vascular Health helps us to integrate the incredible skill and expertise of our staff and physicians with the latest innovative technologies to deliver outstanding healthcare, right in our community.

Give to Renown Institute for Heart & Vascular Health
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Renown Institute for Neurosciences

Our Institute for Neurosciences is advancing the standard of care for patients with neurological disorders, including strokes and aneurysms, by allowing them to receive state-of-the art treatment without being referred outside of our community. Community support helps the Institute's specialists combine their expertise and experience with the most advanced technology to handle complex neurological cases.

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Healing Arts

Renown believes so strongly in the healing power of the arts that we created a Healing Arts Endowment. This endowment ensures important art programs will receive funding in perpetuity. The program brings hope and joy to patients and their families, and provides respite from an illness or injury. Healing Arts includes music at the bedside, performances by the Reno Philharmonic's Youth Orchestra and drawing classes for cancer patients. The endowment also contributes to the maintenance and upkeep of Fianna’s Healing Garden.

Give to Renown Healing Arts

Renown Health Healing Arts

Fund for Nursing Excellence

We recognize and value the leadership role of nursing in providing the best quality patient care possible and shaping the future of healthcare in northern Nevada. This endowment allows nurses to apply for continuing education grants, so they can attend training and conferences to keep up with latest treatments, techniques and technologies.

Give to the Fund for Nursing Excellence
Renown Health Nursing Excellence

Compassionate Care

Through our various Patient Assistance Funds and programs at The Pregnancy Center and The Healthcare Center, we help patients and families access essential care. Support for these programs can save parents from the heart-wrenching choice of affording medication for a sick child or putting food on the table, as well as help a young mother get the prenatal care she needs for a healthy baby.

Give to Compassionate Care
Renown Health Compassionate Care