We believe that anything we can do to serve more families, lower their stress, make them more comfortable and encourage them to spend more time at their newborn’s side, the better off everyone will be, especially the babies.

One of the most frequent comments we get is that while the level of care we provide is remarkable, the NICU environment is not a welcoming or comfortable space for babies and families. Having a space that feels welcoming and nurturing is a critical need, and it’s a need that goes beyond the cosmetic.  The NICU at Renown Children’s Hospital is so often at full capacity, which means that there are actually 39 babies and families facing this reality the majority of the time.

Our most immediate need is funding for a transformation that will allow us to provide babies and families with a more nurturing and welcoming physical environment. The NICU will become your second home. The nurses, doctors and other parents, like family. Now imagine if you could spend all these hours a day, for weeks and months on end, in an environment that was warm, nurturing and comfortable.

Transforming Our NICU, Transforming the Future

We want to make that a reality for every family that comes through our NICU will provide a fresh, warm and welcoming environment for babies and their families, while updating and purchasing new equipment will allow us to provide every critically ill newborn at Renown Children’s Hospital with the highest level of care.