A Message for Our Community from Dr. Slonim

June 01, 2020

Value based care at Renown Health

Dear Community Member,

As protests in the wake of George Floyd’s death continue, I am deeply saddened to be writing to acknowledge the death of another black man who died in police custody. This tragedy is all too familiar and has shocked the nation and our community.

We have witnessed how COVID-19 has disproportionately taken its toll on our communities. My family and hundreds of thousands more have lost those they loved. Throughout our community, many have lost jobs. The murder of George Floyd adds to the collective pain that we are feeling.

Five years ago at Renown Health, we made the goal of improving the health of our community the foundation of our work. Improving the health, and the lives of thousands of people takes a strong set of beliefs. Beliefs that guide, motivate and inspire every person, idea, conversation, action and outcome. Beliefs that reinforce our character, and solidify our resolve. Our values of caring, integrity, collaboration and excellence, unite and guide us in helping others in sickness and in health. Our mission, vision and values are the essence of what makes us Renown.

At times like these, we offer thoughts and prayers as a show of support. However, this is not enough. Our current situation is not only an issue for black Americans. This is a very real attack on humanity.

Renown is a place of hope and determination, health and healing. We honor people’s lives. We care for each other. We love, we heal, we connect, we serve, we give back, we invest in our people and our communities and we provide opportunities for growth. We believe in respect for all, and we stand with those looking for peaceful change, an end to unnecessary brutality and a brighter future.

We will grieve this tragedy together and respond in a way that is productive. Share your thoughts with me, and our leaders as we continue to round on units across Renown. Many free resources are available on the Wellness Hub on Inside Renown, and I hope you and your families take advantage of them.

Thank you for being a positive force and for helping to strengthen our community during these difficult times.



Anthony D. Slonim, MD, DrPH
President and CEO Renown Health
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