Renown Partnership Brings Back the House Call

By: Caroline Ackerman

May 14, 2020

DispatchHealth team checking on patient at her home

Renown Health is pleased to announce a new partnership with DispatchHealth to bring back the house call in Reno and Sparks. This partnership focuses on delivering the right care, in the right setting and at the right time.

Expanding the ways that our community can access healthcare has been at the forefront of our minds during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. Virtual visits have allowed us to talk to our physician from the comfort of our couches. But sometimes when we are not in need of emergency care we still want to see someone in-person. Now, DispatchHealth is bringing the medical professionals right to our doors.    

When Should I Call DispatchHealth?

DispatchHealth is a mobile urgent care. The medical team goes directly to the patient’s home and is equipped with the technology and tools to care for minor to serious injuries and illnesses. Each team consists of a medical technician and a nurse practitioner or physician's assistant. These clinicians are supported by a remote on-call emergency room physician. The mobile urgent care can be used for the following reasons:
  • Common conditions and illnesses, such as mild flu symptoms; joint or back pain; sprains and strains; eye infections; urinary tract infections and skin rashes.
  • Ear nose and throat symptoms, such as ear infections, strep throat and sore throats.
  • Mild asthma and respiratory symptoms, including difficulty breathing and coughing.
  • Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea can also be treated using DispatchHealth.
DispatchHealth can also perform a number of tests on the scene. For the full list of services, please visit DispatchHealth’s website.

Should I Call DispatchHealth Instead of 911?

No, just like Renown’s Virtual Visits, DispatchHealth does not replace emergency medical care. If stroke or heart attack symptoms are present, or a traumatic injury has occurred, it is important to get to a hospital immediately.

Who Can Use This Service?

DispatchHealth is available in the Reno-Sparks metro region, and serves most major health insurance plans, including Hometown Health and Senior Care Plus. For the zip codes included in DispatchHealth’s region, and the healthcare plans they take, visit their website.
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