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What is Renown COVID-19 Care?

Renown COVID-19 Care is a self-pay telemedicine tool for COVID-19 screenings. This allows patients who are suffering from respiratory illness, including coronavirus (COVID-19), to see a medical professional from home.

Renown COVID-19 Care is part of a national network of U.S. board-certified physicians and pediatricians that lets you resolve your routine medical issues 24/7. You can connect with a care provider through the app’s messaging system, by video chat or over the phone.

COVID-19 Care Portal

Who and When to Use It

Renown COVID-19 Care can be used by self-pay patients in Nevada suffering from respiratory issues including fever, cough and/or breathing difficulty. This does not replace a primary care physician, and emergency services are not available through Renown COVID-19 Care.

The cost for the virtual visit is $50.

If you have insurance and suspect you have any respiratory illness, including COVID-19, call your healthcare organization's telemedicine program and use your designated virtual visit tool.

How to Access Renown Care Now

Renown COVID-19 Care is available now through an app available for download in the Apple and Google Play stores. Users can also access virtual care online at or by calling 855-828-0927.

Instructions for using the app:

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Search for the Renown COVID-19 Care app in the Apple or Google Play stores.
Open the app after it is finished downloading and follow the instructions to sign up and complete your medical health history.

Instructions for using the website:

Launch Renown Covid-19 Care

Follow the instructions to sign up and complete your medical health history.

Instructions for calling:

Simply call Renown COVID-19 Care at 855-828-0927.

Insurance Telemedicine Options

Telemedicine Insured Links

  • Fully Insured/Senior Care Plus: Teladoc
  • Self-Funded Employer Groups (Washoe County, Las Vegas Fire Fighters, City of Sparks, Peppermill): Teladoc
  • PEBP and Washoe County School District: Doctors on Demand

Additional insurers telemedicine/virtual

Terms and Conditions

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Renown Privacy Policy
Renown COVID-19 Care Terms and Conditions
**Please note this appointment information may not be incorporated into your medical record immediately, so please bring your encounter summary with you if you need any further care.