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Breast-health-mammogramsRenown has the skilled medical professionals and the latest technology to help with breast health. According to the American Cancer Society, only lung cancer accounts for more cancer deaths than breast cancer, further underscoring the importance of breast health.

Whether it's mammograms or SonoCiné, we're here to provide the early detection tools to save lives.

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Digital Mammography

Mammograms and ultrasounds play an important part in early detection of breast cancer because they can detect early signs of cancer that are too small or subtle to be felt.

Digital mammography has been proven to have an advantage in early detection of breast cancer. It uses digital detectors to produce an image faster than conventional methods, meaning you get results almost instantly.

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The process is similar to a conventional screen-film mammogram wherein the technologist positions your breast from different angles and compresses it with a paddle to obtain optimal image quality.

SonoCiné Whole Breast Ultrasound

If your mammogram shows you have dense breasts (less fatty, more connective tissue) you may want to consider SonoCiné in addition to your mammogram. Dense breast tissue shows up white on the mammogram as does cancer. As doctors explain, it's like trying to find a snowball in a snow storm.


Image A - Tiny cancers, which are white, are easily visible in fatty breasts, which show up dark on a mammogram.

Image B - Dense breast tissue shows up white on the mammogram. Cancers, which are also white, can be very hard to detect.

A SonoCiné whole breast ultrasound can provide early detection to those with dense breasts in a way that a mammogram alone may not.

Ask your doctor if you have dense breasts and if SonoCiné is right for you.

What to Expect

SonoCiné ultrasound does not require any radiation, breast compression or injections. The exam is painless and only takes about 30 minutes. Check with your insurance company to find out if SonoCiné screenings are covered. The cost is $125.

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