Order your FIT Test an At-Home Colon Cancer Screening Kit

FIT Test

Early detection saves lives. Reduce your risk for colorectal cancer through a regular screening.

The FIT Test (Fecal Immunochemical Test) is a screening kit for colorectal (colon) cancer that you can complete in the privacy of your own home.

Order your FIT Test for $20 (form below). It is pain-free, requires no dietary or medication restrictions and you can complete it in the privacy of your own home in about 10 minutes. FIT Tests may be covered by your insurance; please talk with your insurance provider whether FIT Test is covered.

Watch More Educational Videos on FIT Tests and Colon Cancer

With regular screening, colorectal (or colon) cancer is one of the more easily detected and treatable cancers. If caught early, colorectal cancer has a 90 percent survival rate.

Renown Health, Dr. John Gray and Dr. William Pfau rap about the importance of colorectal screenings (FIT test).


FIT test instructions to help you get started.

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