Life After Cancer

Renown works closely with cancer survivors to help them live with, live through or live beyond cancer.


Here are some tips from our cancer survivorship program:

  • Keeping in touch with your Cancer Nurse Navigator allows for survivorship planning. Personalized information is provided to you based on your diagnosis and treatment to assure the best transition to a healthy, active and happy life.
  • Get regular check ups. In general, people who have been treated for cancer return regularly to the doctor every 3-4 months at first, and once or twice a year later on. Ask your doctor how often you should be rechecked.
  • Be alert to signs of a possible return of cancer and longer-term effects of treatment you may have had. Ask your doctor to explain what symptoms should be watched.
  • Get tested as needed for other cancers. Your doctor can tell you how often you should have tests to detect breast cancer and colon cancer. With early detection, these cancers often can be controlled.
  • Have good health habits: Eating right and getting enough sleep and exercise will help you feel better.
  • Do things you enjoy, even if you don't feel perfect. Pleasure can be a powerful tool for health.
  • Take an active role in managing your healthcare. Keep track of your medical history.
  • Do not be afraid to ask questions to your doctor, because there is never a dumb question when it comes to your health.
  • Get in touch with organizations that can help get information on homemaker services, home health services, seminars and classes, and other community aid.


Health, Wellness and Advocacy

You may find the years after a cancer diagnosis to be challenging. Seeking out other survivors with the same experiences might be helpful.

Self-advocacy is a way of taking charge in an overwhelming environment after cancer diagnosis. From arming oneself with good information, to locating resources for support, to knowing how to ask the right questions — hearing stories from others who are fighting cancer can be empowering.

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