If you are already expecting a child or hoping to become pregnant, you will find the comprehensive care you need. For expectant mothers, OB/GYN doctors offer complete prenatal services designed to ensure the health and well-being of mom and baby.

Our physicians are experienced in the latest treatments and medical technology, including:

  • Managing high-risk pregnancies including twins, multiples, diabetes, multiple miscarriages, history of previous premature births
  • Age 40+ pregnancies and pre-pregnancy medical conditions
  • Infertility evaluation and treatments such as hormone treatments, fertility drugs and surgery


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OB/GYN - Prenatal Care

For expectant mothers, OB/GYN doctors offer complete prenatal services designed to ensure the health and well being of you and your baby.


Labor Assessment Area

The Labor Assessment Area is where expectant moms are evaluated to determine what stage of labor they're in and if indeed baby is on the way! This area features:

  • Six private patient rooms
  • Nurse's station
  • Family lounge
  • Advanced 3D ultrasound machine

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Renown Health Labor Assessment

Labor & Delivery

Our newly renovated private Labor & Delivery rooms and private antepartum rooms (rooms for pregnant mothers who require hospitalization) are designed to help make you as comfortable as possible. Our quali­fied doctors and medical professionals who help promote skin-to-skin contact of mothers and babies are here for you throughout your childbirth journey.

Birthing balls, peanut balls and rocking chairs are all available upon request.

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If a cesarean birth is needed, everything is available on the same ‑floor. An anesthesiologist is present 24 hours a day as part of your healthcare team.

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Baby & Family Suites

Our Baby & Family Suites offer private rooms and luxurious amenities.

We also have free scheduled monthly tours of the Baby & Family Suites, led by a childbirth educator. They include learning how to pre-register and what to expect during your stay.

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Renown Health Pregnancy-BabyFamilySuites

William N. Pennington Nursery

The William N. Pennington Nursery isn’t far away – it’s located on the same floor as the Baby & Family Suites.

This state-of-the art nursery features a family viewing area, complete with a built-in bench so younger siblings can see the new baby. The nursery also includes built-in radiant warmers, new scales and blanket warmers, conveniently located together to keep babies warm.


Online Nursery

Friends and family members of new mothers can visit our secure online newborn nursery to see the newest additions to the William N. Pennington Nursery.

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Babies Born Here Project

The "Babies Born Here" project is a collection of photographs of babies born at Renown Children's Hospital taken by local photographer Jeff Ross.