Executive Health Program

The Executive Physical Program gives you the highest level of preventive healthcare available. Renown’s team of physicians, a nurse practitioner and two registered nurses provide thorough and individualized physical exams and more, including:

  • Coordinated scheduling
  • Individualized diagnostic testing
  • All lab and diagnostic testing results are available the same day as the physical and are reviewed with the patient

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The Executive Health Physical Program

Executive Health Program at RenownIndividuals can opt for a personal health wellness exam by an experienced nurse practitioner or a board-certified physician that includes:

  • Interview with a nurse regarding personal and family medical history, health conditions and lifestyle risks to determine the appropriate diagnostic tests
  • A physical examination
  • Lab screening, including blood, urine and stool, as well as screenings for colon cancer, prostate cancer, diabetes and cervical cancer
  • Vital signs, height, weight, body mass index and body fat analysis
  • Pulmonary function testing and oxygen saturation
  • Electrocardiogram, used to monitor your heart
  • Functional testing of the nervous system, which includes assessment of physical fitness, such as sit-ups and push-ups
  • Hearing and vision screening


The Elite Executive Health Physical

Elite Executive Physical at RenownWe have advanced levels of screenings for heart disease, cancer and even genetic testing in the Elite Executive Physical program. Your physical exam can be further personalized by adding additional screenings based on age, gender, and personal and family medical history.

These include:

Does insurance cover it?

Insurance does not cover the cost of an executive physical, however many employers will pay for your participation. Many individuals who participate take a proactive approach to their health and privately pay.

Payment in full is expected on the day of your physical. If corporate billing arrangements are required, the Executive Health RN will verify corporate eligibility and assist with this coordination in advance of your physical.


Prevention & Wellness

In addition to our Executive Health Program, we encourage you to Live Healthy with our free resource.

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