Health-HotlineIf you are experiencing a medical emergency, dial 911. If you need help with a minor injury or illness, call the Health Hotline at 775-982-5757.

The goal of the Health Hotline is to help you :

  • Determine the severity of your medical urgency
  • Answer a medical question
  • Determine if you should visit the ER, an Urgent Care or your doctor
  • Care for a minor injury or illness at home

Health Hotline is staffed seven days a week by registered nurses with special training to answer your questions. They use medical guidelines approved by physicians to help you determine the appropriate level of care for your condition.

A nurse will ask you a series of questions to identify the problem and then recommend the appropriate level of care. This could mean a trip to the emergency room, calling your physician during office hours or simply treatment at home. The nurse will even send information to your family member's physician about your call and the recommendation.

Health Hotline also has an audio health information library offering information on more than 1,000 specific topics. Selected audio topics are available in Spanish.

To access this information, call Health Hotline at 775-982-5757and follow the recorded instruction to reach the audio health information library. Then, dial the four-digit code for the topic that interests you.

If you are hearing impaired, dial the TDD number, 775-982-5757 or toll free 888-372-0758.