Colon and rectal cancers begin as small growths called polyps in the lining of the intestinal tract and rectum. Many polyps are benign, meaning they will never become cancerous. Other polyps, called adenomatous polyps, do have the potential to become cancerous. Doctors are often able to remove these pre-cancerous polyps during colorectal screening procedures called colonoscopies. However, if the cancer grows outside the polyp and into the surrounding tissue, it becomes more difficult to treat, which means catching colorectal cancer early is key. Treatment for colorectal cancer depends on the size and location of the cancer, and may include chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.

At Renown Health's Institute for Cancer, our multidisciplinary approach to care includes screening, diagnosis, treatment and support services.

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Colorectal Cancer Screening & Prevention

Screening for ColoRectal Cancer at Renown

Learn about the risk factors associated with colorectal cancer and find out when to schedule a screening.

Colorectal Cancer Diagnosis

Diagnosing ColoRectal Cancer at Renown

Knowing the signs and symptoms of colorectal cancer is important for early diagnosis.

Your Care Team

Cancer Care Team

Meet the expert doctors, nurses, dietitians, and other staff who will provide your care.


Treating Cancer at Renown

Common treatment options for colorectal cancer can include radiation therapy, chemotherapy and surgery.

Benefits of Clinical Trials

Cancer Clinical Trials at Renown

Clinical trials and research evaluate the effectiveness and safety of new medications.

Support Services

Cancer Support Services at Renown

From counseling and education to financial assistance and nutrition services, we are your personal support guide.

Wellness & Complementary Therapies

Wellness & Complementary Therapies

Wellness and complementary therapies provide balance and peace that help relieve symptoms associated with treatment.


Life After Cancer

We work with survivors to help them live with, through and beyond cancer.

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