Rachel Patrick
Rachel Patrick has worked for Renown Health for many years on the retail side. Currently, she resides in the 4KIDZ Store (that is attached to Hallmark) where she is a Retail Associate. However, on top of that, she is a BOC Mastectomy Fitter. Women come from California and southern Nevada to utilize her services.

Rachel is the only in-person fitter in northern Nevada who still has a private fitting room which caters to the needs of each client. If specific items are not in stock, she measures clients and orders product personally for them.

Mastectomy Fitters understand the changes that the body experiences after a breast surgery, so they can help ease the stress, confusion and frustration of shopping for post-breast surgery apparel and accessories. When clients come in for a fitting, our Certified Mastectomy Fitter will measure you, properly fit you, and dispense and adjust external breast prostheses, bras and other post-breast surgery garments and accessories. She will also show those how to use and maintain the prostheses, garments and other devices.

For appointments, please call 775-982-5210. Rachel will be happy to let you know up front what to expect via pricing and options.

The fitting room is located inside the 4KIDZ store which is open Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Certain insurances are accepted for fittings.