Participating in clinical trials and research allows you to receive the most effective therapy available. These treatments investigate promising new drugs, drug combinations, advances in personalized care and new approaches to surgery or radiation therapy that are otherwise unavailable.

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To join a clinical trial, talk to a member of your cancer care team. They will know about any current trials for your type of cancer, explain your role in the trial and provide information that details about your protection. Trial participants usually receive the therapy at little or no cost.

If you are considering a trial, consult with your primary care doctor.


The Cancer Research Team

As the largest healthcare system in northern Nevada and eastern California, and in partnership with the National Cancer Institute and the Nevada Cancer Research Foundation, we have access to dozens of open clinical trials. We are here to provide education and guidance in making decisions about your care and treatment. Our specially trained research nurses will help you understand the process and explain what to expect with each visit. We are committed to bringing the highest quality of cancer care to you and your loved ones.

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