The goal of complementary medicine is to balance the whole person – physically, mentally and emotionally. For many people diagnosed with cancer, complementary medicine has helped relieve symptoms, ease treatment side effects and improve quality of life. Classes and programs aim to help strengthen your body, foster your courage and enrich your spirit.

The groups, classes and workshops are open to everyone. Choose the sessions that best meet your your needs. You don't have to go through your journey alone.


By appointment. Medical acupuncture can ease symptoms and side effects including fatigue, nausea and pain that are associated with cancers and cancer treatments.

To make an appointment, please call 775-982-8255.


Healing Touch

Healing Touch is an integrated energy therapy used in conjunction with traditional therapies. It aims to restore and balance energy to decrease pain and relieve anxiety. Healing Touch can balance, energize and support the human energy system to promote a healthy mind, body and spirit.

Healing Touch is a FREE therapy. To schedule an appointment, call 775-982-4000.


Healing Arts

The Healing Arts Program at Renown Health includes bedside music and art, live piano music, original artwork and visits from our Pet Therapy teams.

Ask the information desk for a self-guided tour art map or visit Healing Arts online.


Mind-Body Techniques Meditation

This service can help you discover how to live in ease. Through proven coaching and meditation tools, the facilitator will help you let go of your struggles so you can feel more satisfied and calm. Learn what it means to create more of what you want without feeling constantly stressed or challenged.

Mind-Body Techniques is a FREE therapy. To schedule an appointment, call 775-982-4000.



Good nutrition is important for good health. Eating the right kinds of foods before, during and after cancer treatment can help you feel better and stay stronger.

Schedule a nutrition consultation by calling 775-982-4000.