Headache Program

Headache-NueroThe Institute's Headache Program was established to:

  • Provide the region's physicians with expert consultative service in the area of headache medicine
  • Raise the existing standard of care through clinical research and trials

In our program we evaluate various disorders and treat some conditions with Botox to minimize the pain from a chronic migraine. If you are suffering from 15 or more migraines per month, we can help.

Our physicians provide a pain-management plan tailored to your symptoms and we follow up with you afterward to help you manage the pain. If you don't have a primary care physician, the Institute will provide one to help you along the way.

To schedule an appointment, call 775-982-2970.


Headache Rescue Room

Renown’s Headache Rescue Room was established to help those suffering from migraine that last for days and don't respond to medication. It’s another option for immediate migraine treatment beyond the ER.

Article: 5 Things To Know About Migraine 

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