When a stroke strikes, time is of the essence. And distance, in the past, often increased the amount of time it took doctors to diagnose and begin treating a stroke.

But Telestroke, which is part of the Stroke Care Program at Renown Regional Medical Center, has changed all of that.

By providing real-time communication between rural doctors and our brain and nerve specialists here in Reno, we’ve removed the barriers for long-distance care.

We can now provide care faster and save precious time and brain tissue; giving every stroke patient the best possible opportunity for recovery. We can also administer life-saving medications should they be needed.


Telestroke Happens Fast

Telestroke is most effective in scenarios like this: an emergency doctor at your regional hospital thinks you might be suffering a stroke. If that were to happen, the doctor would order a CT scan and then promptly contact the rural transfer center at Renown Regional Medical Center. Regardless of what time of day or night it may be, a consultation with one of our dedicated, on-call stroke specialists is initiated.

In a live audio-visual session, the neurologist evaluates your CT images, discusses your medical history and current symptoms, and then transmits their recommended plan for immediate treatment.

Often times, this treatment involves clot-dissolving therapies such as t-PA (tissue plasminogen activator). These medications, if administered in time, serve to stop a stroke and improve your chances of survival and a complete recovery without the result of a disability.


The Care Doesn't Stop There

telestroke program at Renown Health's TeleHealth program.In the aftermath of a stroke, continuity of care can make all the difference.

That’s why our Stroke Bridge Program gives you access to the very same follow-up care available to all of our local patients.

It’s your direct link to our proven expertise, right there in your hometown.