Premier Care

Premier Care is a membership-based program that puts you in charge of your health by providing unparalleled communication and convenience with your healthcare team — online and in person. It’s primary care, plus a whole lot more.

With individual, one-on-one interaction you can establish a relationship with your doctors and nurses that reaches beyond traditional appointment-based visits. Our Premier Care Program offers a range of doctors with reduced-size practices. And with fewer patients to treat, our doctors have more time to devote to creating a personal healthcare program for you.

Program Advantages

  • Smaller practices with low-patient volume
  • Personal relationships with dedicated doctor/registered nurse care team
  • Same- or next-day urgent care appointments with your Premier Care doctor

  • Onsite blood draw and comprehensive diagnostic testing
  • Virtual care appointments and secure messaging 24/7
  • Coordinated access to Renown Health’s integrated health network resources

To see if Premier Care will meet your needs and expectations, call us at 775-982-8259.

Online Access

  • Online communication with your doctor and registered nurse regarding scheduled appointments, sick visits or general medical advice, with a 24 hour response, seven days a week
  • Access your health information, prescriptions, appointments, lab reports, EKG’s and other medical information using MyChart, a secure online tool Proxy access and online communication regarding your Premier Care family members medical care
Explore Virtual Visits - See Your Premier Care Provider From the Comfort of Home

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