School-based telemedicine appointments give students an alternative to in-office visits and allow them to return to class quickly, while minimizing missed work and travel time for parents and caretakers.

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How it Works

Telemedicine-enabled schools have a Renown medical assistant and a telemedicine cart outfitted with medical devices including a digital stethoscope, ENT (ear, nose, throat) scope and high resolution camera, along with secure video conferencing capability that links directly to a medical provider.

Why use School-Based Telemedicine?

Your child will receive healthcare services when they need it with less time away from the classroom. Acute conditions (such as flu-like symptoms) and chronic conditions (such as asthma and diabetes) can be monitored more efficiently. Your child stays at school while you are able to view, and be a part of, the appointment through your video-enabled device, minimizing missed work and travel time to an urgent care or emergency room.

When to use School-Based Telemedicine?

School based telemedicine can be used for consultations, examinations, urgent care and follow-up appointments with primary or specialty care providers and the school based telemedicine locations in our community continue to grow.