Transitional Care encompasses a range of services designed to follow patients through their continuum of care—from our acute hospital care, throughout recovery and rehabilitation and beyond. Our goal is to help patients recover by providing care in the best setting to meet their individual needs. Patients’ commitment to heal, coupled with our expertise, technology and focused dedication, allow us to achieve this goal together.


Our Services and Programs

Renown offers an array of post-hospital and physical rehabilitation services to help each patient achieve independence and quality of life.
Renown Health Rehabilitation & Post Care Hospital

A Team Approach to Your Care

During your transition, no matter which level of care you and your doctor select, all of your caregivers will actively communicate and collaborate on your care plan. Our team of doctors, nurses, aides, therapists and your case manager will work together to help you achieve your goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are my transitional care needs determined?
Your doctor, social worker and care team will determine if you are in need of transitional care services. They will work with you and your family to determine the most appropriate location for your condition. You can also ask your doctor about transitional care services.

Will insurance pay for my post-hospital care?
Medicate and most commercial insurances have some type of transitional care benefit. Coverages, co-pays and requirements vary for each insurance. It is important to be informed of all the requirements before selecting a specific program.

What services can I receive at home?
There are many services that can assist you at home. If you do not need doctor oversight daily, home health services might be a good alternative for your transitional care needs

Why choose a Renown Health Transitional Care service?
By choosing one of our Transitional Care services, you are assured the same quality and services that you have come to expect with Renown Health. Our integrated services of medical records, primary and specialty care and diagnostics are available to all of your Renown providers, which improves the continuity of your care.

Awards and Accreditations

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