Thank you for requesting a Virtual Visit!

An agent will be calling you soon to complete the registration and collect your payment.  You will then be sent a link to connect to the provider.

Please download and test the software right away to be prepared for your visit.

At the Time of Your Appointment

At the scheduled date and time of your virtual visit, click on the Connecting link in the appointment confirmation email to be automatically connect to your virtual visit.


Frequently Asked Questions

How to Test Your System?
To test your audio-video connection, go to Https://

If you have any issues, call 775-982-6200 or email

Troubleshooting Tips
Make sure you are connected to a power source or have adequate battery life. For best results, use a desktop computer, followed by a laptop, or tablet. Phones are acceptable, but not recommended. Ensure you have strong Wi-Fi or 3G-4G cellular coverage.

If you are experiencing quality issues with your mobile connection, please check the following:

  • Battery strength - If your battery is very low, your picture will not be optimal.
  • Signal Strength - The stronger your mobile signal, the better your connection (WiFi is a better connection). 4G is better than 3G. Signal strength matters for video quality.
  • If you receive an error message – close the app and then reopen. If the error persists, notify the team at 775-982-3688 and give them the error message.
  • If you receive a TOAST error, exit the application and click the link from your email invite once again.