Spiritual Care

We believe that spiritual and emotional well-being contributes to healing. Our priests, chaplains and spiritual care volunteers are available to provide support for Renown patients, family members, friends or staff through:

  • Listening
  • Conversation about hope, fear, connection and meaning
  • Prayers and blessings
  • Connecting you to your faith tradition through our staff, volunteers and referrals to community resources

Visit our Chapel

An interfaith chapel is located on the first floor of the Sierra Tower at Renown Regional Medical Center. It is open and available for meditation, reflection and prayer to people of all faiths. A variety of religious resources are also available for use in the chapel.

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Renown Health Chapel


Renown also has a Healing Arts Program including Fianna’s Healing Garden where patients and visitors can seek spiritual guidance.

Explore Healing Arts

Renown Health Spiritual-Care-Grid-Healing-Gardens


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