Continuing Education for Physicians

Mission and Purpose

The mission of the Renown Regional Medical Center CME program is to support life long learning, intellectual enrichment and provide continuing medical educational activities to improve competencies and clinical practice performance of the population served by our target audience.  The Renown Regional Medical Center CME program provides evidence-based activities to promote an increase in patient safety, a reduction in medical errors, maintain clinical competency, promote the implementation of medical advances and maintain effective methods of referrals, all in order to enhance the ultimate goal of helping physicians practice high quality patient care resulting in better outcomes.  We will achieve this mission by continued development and evaluation of live courses, regularly scheduled conferences, specialty group presentations and enduring materials.  The Renown Regional Medical Center is committed to ensure compliance with the NSMA (CME commission) essential areas and elements (as delineated by the ACCME).

To receive CME credit for any of the Renown Regional Medical Center accredited CME activities, the participant must sign in on the CME roster and complete and submit the post-activity evaluation at the end of each activity.

Target Audience

Depending on the nature of the individual educational activity, the target audience will consist of physicians and healthcare providers in the region. These physicians represent all specialties and primary care. In recognition of the continuum of medical education, medical students, and residents are welcome at most educational activities.

Content Areas

Continuing medical education activities will be based upon the expressed needs and interests of healthcare providers within the region.  The CME committee approves CME activities based upon needs assessment data to ensure that all offerings present current, evidence-based information. Specific areas of emphasis include:

  • High quality CME activities on medical advances in clinical practice, medical research, medical technology, clinical pathway, outcomes management, and other relevant topics.
  • Departmental grand rounds and lectures offered on a regularly scheduled basis.
  • State-of-the-art clinical information
  • Quality improvements
  • Public health issues
  • Educational methodology
  • End of life/pain management care
  • Professionalism in medicine
  • Cultural proficiency


Type of Activities

Live activities form the core of the program. Grand rounds are offered in multiple clinical disciplines. Activities will be provided for many medical specialists that have a significant presence within Renown Health facilities. These activities will be delivered in a manner appropriate for the subject matter utilizing established adult education theories and provide multiple formats of educational delivery to meeting the learning needs and modalities best suited to a diverse audience of physicians and allied health professionals representing all medical disciples.

  • Directly sponsored course
  • Directly sponsored regularly scheduled conferences
  • Directly sponsored enduring materials
  • Live activities


Expected Results

The CME program seeks to improve physicians' competence or performance as is determined to be most feasible for any given activity.

A specific continuing medical education activity will be considered a success if members of the target audience state in their evaluation that the activity was responsive to their needs, relevant to their practice, and increase their knowledge and skills in delivering patient care.

The program of continuing education as a whole will be considered a success if the expected outcome that these activities alone or in combination will result in continuously enhanced knowledge and practice technique. Renown Health is committed to assessing the impact and effectiveness of its CME program by both qualitative and quantitative methods such as post-activity evaluated physician responses related to immediate practice change and satisfaction, patient outcomes over time, and a comprehensive overall annual and ongoing evaluation of the CME program as a whole. The CME program will meet or exceed essential areas and policies of the NSMA in keeping with the guidelines of the ACCME and AMA/PRA.

An annual report of your Renown Regional Medical Center CME credits can be mailed or faxed to you upon request by either selecting CME History in the CME Residency Program Coordinator is Matthew Free at 775-982-5760 or by emailing the request to

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