Physician Verification

Dear Managed Care and Credentialing Service Organizations:

We are aware that to meet your regulatory guidelines, you must obtain verification from Renown regarding a physician's privileges in "good standing." To facilitate the accomplishment of your requirements and minimize the impact on our office, the following options-are now available.

Individual Request

If you would like to obtain an individual form for each provider, please submit a request for this information with a copy of each provider's release of information and $25.00 for each provider's request. Please contact Medical Staff at 775-982-4270 for more information.

Online Verification

Verification Directory is designed to provide you with primary source verification of physician affiliation with Renown Regional Medical Center or Renown South Meadows Medical Center. The results of your inquiry can be printed in a letter format. If you are searching for information that is not available, please use our alternate methods of inquiry.

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