We provide inter-professional education in full compliance with the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) Guidelines and produced in collaboration with, and for the entire health care team. Our ultimate goals are to further the Renown mission, vision and values including achievement of the “Triple Aim” which includes improved health outcomes, a superior patient experience and appropriate utilization of resources.

We will keep health care professionals apprised of new developments in the industry and provide evidenced-based knowledge and skills that are consistent with national health care quality and education standards. Educating health professionals will further Renown’s strategic plan by developing key relationships with all members of the medical community.



We will plan and deliver educational activities effect changes and improve skills, competence and performance of the members of the healthcare team.

We will improve patient outcomes in the communities we serve through specific educational activities.

Educational activities will be consistent with our values of caring, integrity, collaboration and excellence.

We will continuously assess our program for relevance by analyzing data collected from activity evaluations and self-reported feedback. We will conduct annual needs assessments, practice gap surveys, and review data from the hospital quality department and other sources designed to measure the impact our educational activities on improving inter-professional practices and patient outcomes.

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