Request Medical Records

To obtain a copy of your medical records:


Step 1: Fill out form

You can download a Medical Records Request Form, print it and fill it out. Or you can obtain it and fill it out in person at our office location at:

Renown Health Medical Records
1285 Financial Blvd
Reno, NV 89502

Step 2: Submit form

After filling out your form, fax it to 775-982-3759. You can also submit it in person at:

1285 Financial Blvd
Reno, NV 89502

Step 3: Medical record distribution

If you want the medical records shipped to you or another designee, the shipping time is 20 to 30 days. There is a charge to prepare and distribute records to all requesting entities, other than another healthcare provider. In that case, Renown will mail or fax your records free of charge. If you wish to obtain a copy of your records, to release your records to an attorney, or to release your records to any insurance company not involved with payment of your hospital bill, the charge is $0.60/page.

For any other questions, please call 775-982-2790 or fill out the form below.


Medical record questions

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