Featured Article: The Many Health Benefits of Golf


If a sunny and warm day with just a hint of a breeze conjures visions of an outdoor adventure, you might want to think about spending it out on the course.

Golf is often seen as a leisurely activity — less physical than other sports and often played with friends or family — but if you think it’s only about putting and swinging, you may be surprised at the variety of health benefits it has to offer.

Playing 18 holes of golf is not only physically rigorous, requiring strength and endurance, it also builds mental acuity through strategy and concentration. One round of golf last between two to four hours and includes walking five to eight miles of undulating terrain, weight bearing exercise from carrying clubs and can burn up to 2,000 calories. Golfers receive a healthy dose of vitamin D from the sun, increasing energy and optimism. And social interactions with fellow golfers promotes well-being and happiness.

So whether you’re getting ready to play for the first time or you’ve had a long-standing love affair with the sport, take a look at what other health benefits playing golf can do for you.

Tee it high, let it fly!

The many health benefits of golf

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