Through outpatient physical, occupational and speech therapy, Renown Physical Therapy & Rehab gives patients hands-on, individualized treatment in convenient Reno/Sparks locations. We have the latest, most advanced equipment, specialty services and treatments.

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Our Specialties

Sports and Work Injuries
Our therapists use an evidence-based approach to provide individualized treatments that will help you return to an active, productive lifestyle. Our convenient locations in Reno and Sparks provide private treatment rooms and spacious, fully-equipped gyms for patients to exercise in as they recover.

Post-Surgery Rehabilitation
We can provide treatment for conditions such as total knee and hip replacements, cervical and lumbar fusions, hip fractures and inflammatory diseases.

Vestibular and Balance Therapy
Treatments can help reduce and resolve balance, dizziness, vertigo and vestibular problems. Our Certified Vestibular Therapists will provide education and home programs to minimize patients’ future risk and maintain optimal function, as well as communicate treatment plans to the referring provider.

Pelvic Health
Common causes for pelvic dysfunction include childbirth, infection, pelvic floor muscle weakness, hormonal changes, chronic constipation and prostate conditions. Our experts will evaluate the cause of pelvic dysfunction and design and individualized program that may include exercises, biofeedback, bladder retraining, manual therapy, trigger point release or joint mobilization.

Hand Therapy
When an injury, accident or overuse affects the hands, wrists or elbows, our specialists can assist in rehabilitation. Our treatments include manual therapy, strengthening, stretching, positioning, ergonomic set-up and splints.

Occupational Therapy
Occupational therapists help improve coordination and strength with daily activities such as eating, dressing, bathing, grooming and using the bathroom. Manual therapy, strengthening exercise and neurological development treatment are integrated into our individualized care plans. We also offer a pre-driving assessment to determine patients’ physical ability to drive.

Speech Therapy
For those with a speech or swallowing disorder, or who are recovering from a stroke, traumatic brain injury or other neurological disorder, our therapists can evaluate and treat through audiovisual tools, devices and exercise.

Lymphedema Therapy

Our therapists are certified in techniques to alleviate the swelling that may occur after a treatment in the lymph nodes. Therapy may include massage, exercise and compression bandaging or garments. Education for at-home care is included in each patient's individualized therapy program.