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Get Involved - Join an Employee Committee

What's your passion? Renown Health wants to provide more opportunities for you to make a genuine difference for the people and communities we serve. Joining an employee committee is a great way for you to help improve health and well-being in our community.

To get involved, talk to your leader.

The Renown Environmental Action and Change Team (REACT)
REACT's mission is to inspire better health in our communities by conserving and protecting our natural resources and promoting environmental health. The members of REACT will achieve this mission by continuously assessing and implementing opportunities to improve our consumption and waste management practices in a responsible, efficient and cost effective manner.

Volunteer Team Steering Committee
Renown wants to do better in tracking and celebrating the many hours of employee volunteer service. This committee will be responsible for coordinating recognition events, organizing some community group projects, and hosting other special programs and services to recognize the good work our employees do in the community.

Diversity Committee
The goal of this group is to help recognize, appreciate and utilize the unique insights, perspective and backgrounds of all employees. By promoting deeper understanding and acceptance of all cultural backgrounds and beliefs, there will be a stronger environment of trust, respect and tolerance.

Wellness Champions
There's always room for more champions! Employees on this committee volunteer their time to motivate, inform and support fellow employees on the many aspects of the Healthy Tracks program.