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Child Life Program

Child Life Career Opportunities

Providing emotional support for your children, and you. 

Child Life Specialists help young patients develop ways to cope with anxiety, fear, and separation that often accompany the hospital experience. They give special consideration to each child's family, culture, and stage of development. 
Child Life Specialists provide support to children and their families by: 
  • Helping children cope with anxiety, fear and separation 
  • Making doctors, needles and tests a little less scary 
  • Providing art, music and pet therapy 
  • Organizing activities 
  • Addressing your concerns 
  • Telling you what to expect 
  • Creating a therapeutic and medical plan 
  • Offering a hand to hold 
  • Providing tours for families whose children are scheduled for surgery

As professionals trained to work with children in medical settings, specialists hold a bachelor's or master's degree in the areas of child life, child development, and special education or recreational therapy. Our Child Life Specialists are also professionally certified and affiliated with the national Child Life Council.

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As part of the Children's Hospital Donation program, your generous support affords much-needed items to help our littlest patients cope with the potential stressors associated with hospitalization and illness.

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