Step One: Nevada Licensure

Point of Contact for Step 1: It is highly recommended that you work closely with the licensure specialists at the various State Boards through your licensure application and review processes. In addition, please ensure you keep both Medical Staff Services and your Practice Site Leader and/or Area Practice Manager updated as you progress through this step.


Part One: Nevada Licensure Application

Submit Initial Application within 14 days of receiving your Provider Onboarding Guide.

Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners - MD and PA


Part Two: Controlled Substance (CS) Application

Please go to Nevada Board of Pharmacy and select appropriate application, complete, and mail with within 14 days of receiving your Provider Onboarding Guide.

Physician Assistant

  • All PA Prescribe applications require the original signature of the Supervising Physician.
  • Print and mail the completed “Physician Assistant – prescribe” Application and payment for the $200 Registration Fee to Renown Provider Enrollment (address below) for assistance with obtaining your Supervising Physician’s signature. If your Nevada state license is pending, leave "Medical/Osteopathic Board PA #” blank on the CS Application. Once the Supervising Physician’s signature has been obtained, Renown Provider Enrollment will submit the final application and payment to the NV State Board of Pharmacy for processing. 
  • Once your NV state license has issued, notify the NV State Board of Pharmacy of your NV state license number in order for your CS Application to be processed.
  • Important Addresses and Contact Information


Part Three: DEA Licensure

Providers are not able to transfer an existing DEA to NV or apply for a new DEA for NV until they receive NV State Board of Pharmacy; this license does not apply to Psychologists or Therapists.

  • Providers without a DEA License: It is critical that you follow-up with the NV State Board of Pharmacy to ensure they have your NV state license number to process your CS Application. Once you receive your NV Pharmacy Licensure # from the NV State Board of Pharmacy with DEA instructions, proceed with submitting an application for a New DEA
  • Providers with an Existing DEA License: The decision to transfer an existing DEA license registered in another state or apply for a new DEA license in NV will depend on the timing of the issuance of your NV state license in your onboarding process. It is critical that you follow-up with the NV State Board of Pharmacy to ensure they have your NV state license number and can begin to process your CS Application.
    • In order to transfer an existing DEA license to NV, you will need to wait until the Board of Pharmacy emails you your NV Pharmacy License #. If at the time you receive the  NV Pharmacy License #, you still need to maintain your current DEA in another state for work purposes, you will need to proceed with applying for a new DEA in NV. However, if you no longer need your existing DEA registered in another state, you may proceed with transferring your existing DEA to NV. NOTE: Renown Credentialing does require a NV addressed DEA no later than 40 days prior to your start date to ensure timely submission of payor enrollment applications.

Part Four: Additional Advance Practice Provider (APP) Forms

  • Collaboration Agreement Forms: The Collaboration Agreement Forms only apply to the following Advance Practice Providers (APPs). Note: this form requires original, notarized signatures for processing. The completed form may not be returned via fax or email.
  • Physician Assistants: All Physician Assistants, regardless of years of experience, are required to complete a Collaboration Agreement Form.

MD & APRN or Physician Assistant (Select applicable form)

DO & Physician Assistant

  • The original Collaboration Agreement form must be mailed to Renown Provider Enrollment. Renown Provider Enrollment will work with your department leaders to obtain your Collaboration Physician's signature, and submit the complete form to the appropriate NV State Board.
    • Renown Health Provider Enrollment
    • 1155 Mill Street, Mailstop M-14 Reno, NV 89502

Step Two: Nevada Standardized Credentialing Application (Medical Staff)

Point of Contact: Medical Staff Services | Renown Health

New Provider Credentialing Checklist - Physician Assistant


Pre-Application Portal - Submit by the date included on your Provider Onboarding Guide.

The Pre-Application Portal will assist Renown Medical Staff Services in providing you with the most appropriate set of instructions, application, and privileging criteria (if applicable). Please refer to the Provider Onboarding Guide for specialty-specific information that needs to be included in your Pre-Application Portal Submission.


Credentialing Application

You will receive multiple emails from the Renown Medical Staff Services team; separate emails are sent for security purposes. Use the password you receive to access the MSOW Portal and complete the online Nevada Standardized Credentialing Application within 14 days. Please upload all available supporting documents listed in the New Provider Credentialing Checklist with your completed Credentialing Application. Once Medical Staff Services completes the initial review of your submitted Credentialing Application, you will receive an email with a list of outstanding (missing) items that need to be provided as they become available in order for your file to be completed. Please submit these items to Medical Staff Services via email as they become available; you will not be able to go back into the Credentialing Application portal to upload items once you have formally submitted your Credentialing Application.


Primary Source Verification (PSV) & Hospital Privileges

Medical Staff will initiate Primary Source Verification for your file if your role requires Hospital Privileges. You must have an active NV state license, active DEA (DEA must be unrestricted, but can registered in any state), and PSV must be complete for your file in order to be placed on a monthly committee agenda. Please note the month your file will need to go to Medical Staff Committee for final review in order to maintain your current start date; this month is included in your Provider Onboarding Guide.


Provider Enrollment & Payor Applications

Medical Staff Services will share your completed Credentialing Application with Provider Enrollment to begin working on preparing your Payor Applications for the various insurance panels you will need to be credentialed with. Please be aware you will receive a separate email from a Provider Enrollment Coordinator with your Payor Applications once they are ready for your review and signature. Your Payor Applications cannot be submitted by Provider Enrollment until you have an active NV state license, CS and NV DEA. If you are a Psychologist or Therapist, only a NV license is required. To maintain your start date from a credentialing perspective, your payor applications must be submitted a minimum of 30 days prior to your start date.

Medicare Enrollment and NPPES Update

Please click the “Medicare Enrollment” link and follow instructions to assist our Payor enrollment Team manage your Medicare Enrollment process and update your NPI Registry. We use a surrogacy process (others appointed to act on your behalf) to manage your Medicare enrollment(s) and NPPES information using staff usernames and passwords. We maintain confidentiality keeping usernames and passwords private.

Step Three: HR Onboarding

Point of Contact: Provider Recruiter/Provider Onboarding Specialist

Please review the New Provider HR Checklist which contains important instructions for HR items to complete before and after your start date.

Internal Transfers:

  • New Provider HR Checklist Modifications: If you are a current Renown employee transferring from a non-provider role into a provider role, you will only need to complete the New Provider Paperwork outlined in Step 1 and Step 5 under the items to complete before your start date. Additionally, you do not need to complete any steps under items to complete after your start date.
  • Please note, your new operational leader will provide you with a copy of your provider onboarding/training schedule a minimum of 1 week prior to your transfer date.
  • You should also advise your current leader of your anticipated transfer date.

Step Four: UNR Med Joint Faculty Application

Point of Contact UNR Med Office of Community Facility

As a Provider with Renown Medical Group, we ask that you apply for Joint Faculty appointment with UNR Med through the UNR Med Office for Community Faculty.

Please review the Joint Faculty Application Cover Sheet/Application following the provided instructions to submit your application. For questions, please contact their office directly or your Recruiter.