A Clinically Integrated Network

Western Clinical Alliance┬« is a Clinically Integrated Network (CIN) which joins together physicians across our community into a single comprehensive care delivery network. Western Clinical Alliance┬« is in collaboration with Renown Health and other care providers that share a common set of goals focused on increasing value by improving outcomes and better managing the total cost of care for patients.

Members of Western Clinical Alliance® collaborate in improving quality, safety, efficiency and sustainability of health care in our community by joining a broad spectrum of health system employed and private-practice physicians who are committed to together to direct, design and govern the CIN. The physician-led team works to develop new care models, apply best practices, monitor and share performance with a focus on improving health while honoring patient preferences.


Benefits of a Clinically Integrated Network

Clinical Integration: Physicians and care providers share clinical data, review that data together and work to improve outcomes.

Enhanced Clinical Decision-Making: Sharing clinical data and patients' records enables enhanced clinical decision making that encompasses the patient's full story.

Physician-Led Accountability: Setting protocols and clinical guidance happens within the governance of the physician-led CIN. Physicians within the CIN are part of setting the accountability for the CIN to improve outcomes, provide outstanding experiences and lower costs.