Renown Health contracts with UnitedHealthcare (UHC), Health Plan of Nevada (HPN) and Sierra Health and Life (SHL) have terminated.

Renown Health is out of network for UnitedHealthcare, Health Plan of Nevada, and Sierra Health and Life (collectively "United") for all employer sponsored and individual health plans. 

Why are the contracts between United and Renown Health in negotiation?

In response to the COVID pandemic, Renown Health was able to collaborate with community providers and insurers in unprecedented ways to care for our community. We are committed to making that high level of collaboration and best in class care a permanent reality for our patients in northern Nevada. It is our goal to provide for your long term health and wellbeing by aligning our insurance contracts to focus on value, collaboration and quality.  

When are the contracts set to expire?

We have worked tirelessly over the last several months to negotiate new long-term contracts that best serve the needs of our growing community, but unfortunately have not been able to come to agreement with United. Unfortunately the contracts between Renown and United for all employer sponsored and individual plans have expired. We encourage you to call your health plan or employer to let them know it is important to keep Renown Health in network.


What is Renown Health asking for?

Throughout the negotiation process, our goal has been to have a contract that best serves the needs of our growing community.  We are Reno’s only not-for-profit integrated health network and provide the most comprehensive levels of care for all. Patients, not shareholder profits, are at the center of all we do. We are passionate about transforming care, improving the health of our community and enhancing the quality of life for generations to come. 

We are asking United to engage in a new model that centers on health and well-being, and supports decisions being made by doctors in the best interests of their patients, not by an out-of-area, wealthy insurance company. United’s claims that Renown is demanding a 16% increase are false.  We are asking for a nominal, single digit increase over the life of the contract to make health, and healthcare more accessible and affordable.   


What options do patients or employers have to keep their Renown doctors and services?

We continue to receive numerous requests from our patients and employer groups who wish to preserve their relationships with our Renown doctors and retain access to our hospitals and other vital services.  We encourage all patients impacted by this change to contact their insurance agent, broker and employer to let them know how important it is for Renown to remain ‘in network’ for you and your family.
For employers we want you to know you have options to provide your employees with access to Renown we are contracted with the following plans:  
Aetna, Anthem, Cigna, Hometown Health, and Humana
Employers with other questions may contact

Can I still come to Renown Health?

United members may still access Renown Health hospitals and Renown Medical Group at in-network rates for many of your healthcare needs, such as:

  • Emergency care. Per the Affordable Care Act, members may always access our hospitals for emergency services at in-network benefit levels.
  • If you are in an ongoing course of treatment, your care may still continue with your Renown Medical Group provider and have services at our hospitals on an in-network basis. This includes things such as:
    Terminal illness
    Life-threatening conditions or
    Chronic conditions
  • Patients or doctors can initiate these requests, so contact your health plan for more information on Continuity of Care.


What will it cost?

Renown Health is the region’s only not-for-profit health system, dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of the communities we serve. Because of this, Renown Health has measures in place to provide care for patients in need of financial assistance.

Patients (including those with UnitedHealthcare, Health Plan of Nevada/ Sierra Health and Life insurance) who are worried about the cost of their care or are unable to pay for all or a portion of their treatment may talk with a Renown Health financial counselor by calling 775-982-5747 or going online at under “Billing > Accepted Insurance Plans.”

Our pledge to all patients is that whether we are in-network or out-of-network with UnitedHealthcare, Health Plan of Nevada or Sierra Health and Life insurance now or in the future, we will continue to provide the highest quality, compassionate care to our patients.


What if I have an appointment scheduled after May 31st?

If you have an appointment or procedure scheduled with Renown after May 31st, we will work to obtain authorization from your health plan. If your health plan allows, you may continue to see your Renown provider as authorized. If your health plan does not authorize the appointment or procedure, your out-of-pocket costs could vary. Please know we will continue to provide the same great care we provided before the termination date. We will continue to do so by providing the highest quality, compassionate care whether we are in or out of network.


What if I am an established patient with Renown Medical Group?

If you are insured by UnitedHealth Care, Health Plan of Nevada or Sierra Health and Life and are an established patient with Renown Medical Group, in order to help minimize disruption in care, we will no longer be scheduling services past May 31st unless prior-authorization is granted by your health plan. 


I am concerned about treatments I have already started. What will happen to my care?

We are committed to your health and to our community. However, since an agreement has not been reached with UnitedHealth Care, Health Plan of Nevada or Sierra Health and Life, we expect them to facilitate continuity of care in accordance with state law and your benefit plan. There are certain services like pregnancy, terminal illness, life threatening conditions, or chronic conditions in which patients are allowed to continue treatment on an in-network basis after a contract terminates. 

As always, Emergency Department services provided at Renown Regional Medical Center or Renown South Meadows Medical Center will always be treated as in-network.


Who should I reach out to for other questions or concerns?

We understand situations like this may be confusing or concerning for you and your family, please know that Renown is committed to your health and our community.

If you have questions or other concerns about your:

  • Employer provided UnitedHealth Care, Health Plan of Nevada or Sierra Health and Life coverage, we recommend reaching out to your Human Resources Department or Employee Benefits department to ask them to continue to keep Renown Health ‘in network.” You may contact UnitedHealthcare or Health Plan of Nevada directly at the number listed on your member identification card.
  • Individual Plan members with Health Plan of Nevada may call Customer Service at 1-800-777-1840.


What insurances are accepted at Renown?

You can visit our “Accepted Insurance Plans” page for a full list of accepted insurances at Accepted Insurance Plans.


Does Renown accept Health Plan of Nevada Medicaid?

Yes, we are contracted with Health Plan of Nevada Medicaid through December 31, 2021.

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