Compliance Committees are responsible for implementing and directing compliance policies and procedures. Compliance committees aim to to prevent non-compliance, whether accidental or intentional. If non-compliance occurs, disciplinary measures help prevent future non-compliance.

To report a compliance concern, please call 1-800-611-5097.


Audit and Compliance Committee (Committee of the Board)
The Audit and Compliance Committee monitors legal and regulatory compliance, the audit process and the financial reporting process.

Audit and Compliance Steering Committee
The Audit and Compliance Steering Committee oversees all compliance committees and reports directly to the Audit and Compliance Committee of the Board. It is responsible for Renown’s Audit and Compliance Program and maintains, reviews and updates compliance policies and procedures.

In addition, the Audit and Compliance Steering Committee creates measures to prevent, detect and reduce errors and non-compliance with federal and state regulatory requirements.

Operational Compliance Committee
The Operational Compliance Committee is responsible for integrating the compliance program within operational areas. The committee monitors and reviews specific compliance activities and develops department-specific compliance work plans.

Privacy & Security Committee
The Privacy & Security Committee resolves Privacy and Security incidents and concerns within the health system.

System Policy & Procedure Committee
The System Policy & Procedure Committee is responsible for developing, revising, editing, and implementing policies and procedures.

Clinical Policy Sub-Committee

This Sub-Committee of the System wide Policy and Procedure Committee reviews clinical policies that also cross multiple divisional lines within Renown.