Renown Health Board

The Renown Health Board is responsible for the entire health network including strategic direction and approval of capital and operating budgets.

Renown Health Board 2019

Pictured (left to right): Back row: Todd McKenzie; Blake Smith; Adam Kramer; Steve Johnson; Alvaro Devia, MD; Clifford Deveny, MD; Mike Peterson; Front row: Harvey Fennell; Christi Matteoni, MD; Tammy Dermody; Anthony Slonim, MD, DrPH; Jim DeVolld; Kim Cooney; Jeff Resnik; Joanne Olsen, PhD, RN.

Not Pictured: Mark Knobel; Marc Mora, MD; Eathan O’Bryant.

Renown Health Foundation Board

The Renown Health Foundation Board is responsible for coordinating and overseeing all fundraising.

Board Members: Don Bernard, Sr.; Sarah Carmona-Zink; Brian Cushard; Danny DeLaRosa; Chelsea Dethmers; Brady Dolan; Bijel Doshi; Harvey Fennell (chair); Matthew Gray; Stephanie Kruse; Philip Landis, MD; Robert Levy; Gene Lumsden; Patricia Meidell; Quinn Pauly, MD; Michael Rosenauer; Anthony Slonim, MD, DrPH; B.J. Sullivan.