Get to Know Sterling Silver Club Member Hanley Wong

By: Courtney Lewis

June 24, 2024

Hanley Wong

This summer, we’re excited to introduce our featured Sterling Silver Club member, Hanley Wong. You may recognize him from the newest Senior Care Plus television commercial that has been airing locally since last October. Hanley happens to be a former employee of Renown Health and worked in the information technology (IT) department for 13 years. Today, he’s enjoying his retirement here in northern Nevada, with the occasional traveling to visit his family.   

Looking Back 

Hanley was born in San Francisco in 1944. He was in the U.S Army Reserve from 1966-1972, having traveled to various places including North Carolina, Salt Lake City, Long Beach, Hong Kong and Taiwan. While he was in the U.S. Army Reserve, he also attended college part-time and graduated from San Francisco State University in 1970 with a degree in business administration, emphasis in accounting. Hanley went into the IT field after he gained computer experience through his accounting background. “I started learning how to program with computers, then became a systems engineer where I did troubleshooting, maintenance and more,” said Hanley. “I’ve always enjoyed the challenging work in the IT field, and I got to meet all kinds of people.”   

Hanley started his first IT job at a small insurance company in San Francisco. He went on to work for the GAP headquarters and met his late wife there, who also worked for the company. They were married for 40 years and had two sons together. The family moved to Reno 21 years ago when Hanley was recruited by Washoe Medical Center, before it became Renown Regional Medical Center. “My favorite part about working at Renown was the camaraderie in the IT department; it was like a big family,” said Hanley. “I enjoyed making employees happy by solving their computer problems.” In 2005, Hanley was part of the team that helped install Epic, Renown’s electronic medical record system. Through that project, he traveled to a few different conferences and trainings with his team.  

Enjoying Retirement 

As for living in northern Nevada, Hanley loves having all four seasons here, in addition to the variety of entertainment such as shows, concerts and more. In his day-to-day life, he likes volunteering with his church, hiking, indulging in the Reno-Sparks food scene (especially buffets) and relaxing at his home in Spanish Springs.  When he gets the chance to travel, he enjoys going on cruises or visiting his family. He has a son who lives in Las Vegas and a son and three grandchildren who live in Honolulu, Hawaii. His grandchildren are ages eight, three and two. “I try to see my family at least a couple times a year,” said Hanley. “I’m planning my next trip to Honolulu to see my grandkids during their summer break before they start school again.” 

Hanley Wong with his three grandchildren

Hanley Wong with his three grandchildren

Gratitude for Renown Health and Senior Care Plus 

Hanley’s appreciation for Renown Health goes beyond his long and fulfilling career in IT. As a current patient of Renown and member of Senior Care Plus, Hanley is grateful for the compassionate care he receives. “Every time I call Renown or Senior Care Plus, I always speak to someone very knowledgeable and helpful – everyone is so cheerful, personable and professional,” said Hanley. “I like that I can always receive help when it comes to understanding all my benefits, scheduling medical appointments and even Uber rides to some of my appointments.”  

Hanley said his favorite part of being a Senior Care Plus member is that it’s cost-friendly and everything is taken care of for him. He has had the same primary care provider at Renown since 2002 and appreciates everything his doctor and care team does for him.