How the UNR Med Affiliation Impacts Renown's Clinical Research

May 05, 2022

UNR School of Medicine students

The University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine (UNR Med) and Renown Health affiliated in June of 2021.

First Integrated Health System

The University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine (UNR Med) and Renown Health affiliated in June of 2021. This agreement established Nevada’s first integrated health system with missions in education, patient care, and clinical research. While there was extensive media coverage regarding the historic partnership in general, there is less information regarding the important impact to the community. In terms of clinical research, the potential benefits are endless.

The School of Medicine has a very successful program in molecular bio sciences. That means they have a plethora of brilliant minds working on the smallest components of life related to body systems and disease. With the affiliation, there is a distinct opportunity to bridge some of these important findings happening on campus and translate them into care protocols for the patients seen in the community. Making connections between the cellular basics to the physical manifestations of conditions is a key opportunity of the affiliation. Additionally, cooperative funding models for projects that fit in the translational research bucket are available to these researchers. Renown and UNR Med are poised to provide potentially cutting-edge treatments with bench to bedside research.

Expanding Clinical Trials

Perhaps the most important outcome of the affiliation is access to novel treatments via clinical trials. In the coming years, Renown and UNR Med will work to expand their clinical trial portfolio in an effort to provide a clinical trial option for many diseases in addition to standard of care. This endeavor will allow patients to make an informed choice about their healthcare. With novel treatments available right here in Reno, people won’t have to travel to other research institutions for similar care. This eases a tremendous potential burden on patients and families alike navigating complex illnesses like cancer.

The affiliation is exciting and provides many opportunities for clinicians (present and future) and the community. Renown's Clinical Research Office is thrilled to be a part of this historic time and are enthusiastic to communicate our successes and opportunities to the community. We sincerely look forward to contributing to the vision of “a healthy Nevada.”

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