Keeping Research Close to Northern Nevada

By: Amber Emerson

February 16, 2023

Research team sitting around a table

Clinical research provides agency for our patients navigating a scary diagnosis, and the field has never been stronger in northern Nevada. This strength is thanks in part to the Affiliate Clinical Research Office (ACRO) formed by the 2021 affiliation between Renown Health and the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine. Since its creation, the ACRO team has been busy ensuring that community members have access to the latest care options and exceptional experiences as participants in both research and their healthcare.

Here are just a few things that set this office apart from the rest.

1. A focus on engagement

In 2022, the ARCO team focused on promoting a research culture with patients, clinicians, residents and students by intentionally engaging with healthcare providers, department administrators, internal research team members and leadership. They educated the community with learning materials that emphasized the importance of doing research. This team also worked with front-line staff to raise awareness and excitement about the clinical research options available for Renown Health patients.

2. Meaningful partnerships

The most impactful partnership to date is between Renown Health and UNR Med. By identifying opportunities and leveraging resources across institutions, we have maximized our impact and built a solid and sustainable foundation. This gives the people of northern Nevada greater access to new interventions or novel treatments.

This team is also investing in the community and national partnerships to provide training opportunities for our research staff and learning opportunities for our medical students.

3. Novel treatments across many disease areas

Our research study offerings must reflect the healthcare needs of our community and the expertise of practicing clinicians. The department has over 80 active studies in neurology, pulmonology, oncology, cardiology, pediatrics and disease prevention. The ARCRO team strives to expand care opportunities to allow our community members to stay close to home when seeking care. This year, they will continue exploring our community's unmet healthcare needs by bringing new treatment options to the greater Reno area.

4. Medical student and resident learning opportunities

Medical student education is integral in producing the next generation of physicians committed to Nevadans' care. This office has successfully advocated for medical student and resident inclusion in clinical trials.

UNR Med has also partnered with the University of Utah to create summer research opportunities for our local medical students to expand knowledge sharing that students then bring back to Nevada. Being a part of these projects early in a resident's journey helps keep them curious about new medicine and contributes to the high quality-of-care our community receives.

5. Advanced research services in centralized locations

Our goal is to make research participation as streamlined as possible. The ACRO has two designated research facilities. These locations are convenient, inviting and equipped for our participants and researchers. The Clinical Research Center at UNR Med and the Renown Research Office at Renown Health.

  • The Clinical Research Center has 11 patient exam rooms and can collect, process and store samples collected as part of research studies and offers point of care testing that provides results in our own clinic.
  • The Renown Research Office recently acquired newly dedicated space which will allow us to offer expanded research services all in a centralized location at Renown Health.

If you'd like to learn more about the Affiliate Clinical Research Office, are interested in clinical research as a care option or would like to connect with us, please visit our Renown Research Office and UNR Med Clinical Research Center websites.

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