My Inspiration to Keep Fighting: Becoming a Grandparent

September 14, 2020

Baby girl who loves her grandpa

As a clinician and a cancer survivor, I know that hope is an essential force that drives people to work through difficult situations. I also believe there’s a strong correlation between hope and wellness. Hope inspires us to make healthy choices today with the understanding that these behaviors will benefit us in the future.


In addition, an optimistic outlook helps patients face illness and injury with strength and confidence. While it’s easy for some people to maintain a positive outlook, it’s common to feel hopeless on a bad day. An important part of our job as healthcare providers is to help patients cultivate hope and build a strong foundation that carries them through their medical journey.

The Importance of Family

A common source of hope, for me and many others, is family. My family has recently welcomed our newest member, my first granddaughter, Emory. Becoming a grandparent has inspired me to reflect on the many blessings in my life. It’s not only been a opportunity to reflect, but also look ahead to the future.

I often dream about the things Emory will accomplish one day, the kind of person she will become, and the world I want her to live in. These aspirations have renewed my determination to work hard and lead by example.

At Renown Health, we know that hope and resilience are just as important in the recovery process as excellent medical care. That’s why we work with our patients to find sources of strength and inspiration in their own lives. We’re committed to helping our patients keep fighting the good fight for a healthier tomorrow.

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