Prevention in Medicine: Pedestrian Safety

September 17, 2020

Pedestrian crossing the street

As the leader of a large health system, I often think about how to provide the best possible care for the communities we serve. I believe that our responsibility extends beyond leading-edge medicine and compassionate care. In order to help people in our community reach their highest health potential, we must strive to help them live well every day – not just when they are receiving healthcare in our facilities. To that end, we must try to prevent disease or injury from occurring in the first place.

Taking a Stand on Pedestrian Safety

At Renown Health, we actively identify issues that negatively impact the health of our community and then take action. One area of particular importance in Reno and Sparks is pedestrian safety. It is difficult to see people suffer from injuries that could have been avoided. As a trauma center, we are here to treat these injuries when they occur. However, we feel it’s also our responsibility to get to the root of a problem and prevent future tragedies from occurring.

Of course, hospitals and health systems cannot do this work alone. We work together with local organizations, like local schools and the police department, on public safety initiatives. For example, we’re working with our partners to install flashing lights and crosswalks at dangerous intersections. We’re also educating the public about the dangers of driving while distracted or under the influence.

Whether the issue is pedestrian safety, gun violence, air and water quality, or COVID-19, Renown Health is committed to using our resources to advance health and well-being in the communities we serve. Working together with our partners, our goal is to keep people safe and out of the hospital.

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