Rooted With Renown, One Families Story of Remarkable Odds

By: Dani Vogel

December 01, 2022

Ann and chris cook by renown regional bedside during filming of new commercial

Renown Health is proud to debut our newest commercial spot, Days, on Thanksgiving Day 2022. This commercial features members of the greater northern Nevada community, former Renown patients and employees. Chris and Ann Cook are some of these community members, and we are grateful we get to tell their story.

Family is everything for Chris and Ann Cook. Their loved ones span across the United States and even farther to Germany, so time spent with their children and grandchildren means the world to them. When Chris went to the emergency room for a persistent headache and drooping eye over twenty years ago, they could have never predicted the number of hours their family would spend at Renown care facilities in the coming years.

“Whenever we step inside a building with that purple logo, we know right away we will be supported by friends, family and Renown staff. Our family has turned countless hours inside hospital walls into memories of gratitude for the care we receive.” Chris Cook said. “It is these memories that make us appreciate the health of our family today.”  

A Relationship with Renown that Spans Decades

The Cooks can remember a time before Renown Regional Medical Center’s inception when Washoe Medical Center (Washoe Med) stood in its place. It was at Washoe Med that Chris received emergency brain surgery after a visit to the emergency room over 20 years ago.

Cook Family

Immediately following a CT scan, Chris was transported to Washoe Med, now Renown Health, for emergency brain surgery and eventually to treat a hematoma. Doctors close to his case were amazed by his survival, considering Chris’ divergent situation resulting from a raisin-size colloid cyst and dissected corotated artery. He spent three weeks in the ICU recovering at the hospital, his spirits lifted by the amazing staff who brightened his day with gestures of kindness. From there, he was supported by countless friends and family members over the next three months while recovering at home.

A Home Away from Home

Later, the Cooks’ daughter received cancer care at Renown at the William N. Pennington Cancer Institute. Ann, Chris and their daughter found small comforts when running into the familiar faces of their daughters' past schoolmates, who are now Renown employees, in the hallways. The family became well-acquainted with the food options at Renown Regional’s Sierra Café, even finding favorites like the sushi bar.

Reliable Care, Close to Home 

The Cooks have also experienced many happy and comforting memories at Renown and Washoe Med over the past twenty years, including the births of three of their seven grandchildren. And when Chris needed an emergency appendectomy on a Friday night four years ago, they felt confident that the best care would be received at Renown Regional Medical Center.   

From lab work to routine procedures or visits to urgent care, the Cooks feel rest-assured knowing Renown will be the place they can consistently trust for care with many locations close to their home in Sparks, Nevada. 

After spending many hours within Renown walls, Chris and Ann remarked how impressed they were by Renown Regional Medical Center’s growth in the past decade from their first encounter over twenty years ago. With a deep appreciation for the care received at Renown facilities and the technology used to help treat patients, Chris and Ann said, “We really feel confident that if something bad were to happen, you’d want to be in the care of Renown.” 

Family, Health and The Future

"Our care at Renown has changed the course of our family’s lives and led to the success of who we are today. So, when the team at Renown approached us about participating in the commercial shoot, we knew this was meant to be the next piece in our Renown story." Chris and Ann said. "Of course, it was nice to be back at Renown, not as a patient this time, but to help the team create something great."

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