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Professional Advancement in the ICU

The ICU Fellowship is intended for current employees working outside the intensive care unit interested in professional advancement into the intensive care setting.

This training program welcomes nurses with less than one year of experience to gain exposure to the ICU setting while completing guided shadow shifts in all adult intensive care units. The RN must maintain their position on their home unit during the Fellowship Program.

Program Details:

  • RN must be a currently employee in the acute care setting.
  • RN must have successfully completed current unit orientation requirements.
  • Unit manager approval to apply.
  • RN has at least six months experience on their home unit.
  • Must complete eight shadow shifts within six to 12 months.
  • Must complete the transition to Critical Care Class.
  • Upon completion of requirements RN, can apply and interview to transfer to ICU.

Disclaimer: All requirements are not listed above. Additional requirements are listed within the ICU Fellowship Job Description located on our careers site.

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