Michael C. Hardacre, MD

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Michael C. Hardacre, MD


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Renown Medical Group
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    Radiation Oncology

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    Michael Hardacre, MD, is the Medical Director of radiation oncology at Renown Health. He explains that radiation oncology uses high-level energy to attack and kill cancer cells. Radiation is given regularly over a period of time, which allows Michael to get to know his patients both medically and on a personal level. Fun Fact: Dr. Hardacre began his career in the Navy in a division called Undersea Medicine, where he worked with sailors on submarines, Special Forces, and marine reconnaissance.

    Languages Spoken: English

    Medical Degree: Indiana Univ School of Medicine

    Residency: Indiana Univ

    Certifications: American Board of Radiology

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    Michael Hardacre practices Radiation Oncology at 1155 Mill St in Reno, NV

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