Healthcare involves attending to the whole person - mind, body and spirit. Attention to spiritual wellness can help improve a patient’s overall health and quality of life.

Our Spiritual Care team is an integral part of how we provide care. Spiritual caregivers and chaplains, as well as spiritual and religious professionals who volunteer, are available to meet with you and your family.

Our team is trained to counsel people of all faiths and can talk with you about your diagnosis and help you cope with the emotions that accompany illness, treatment and recovery. A chaplain can also provide counseling on faith-related issues, support you and your family during difficult conversations and offer prayer, if desired.

To reach Spiritual Care, call:


Request a Visit

To request a visit from a spiritual caregiver or chaplain, please ask your nurse or social worker, or contact our Spiritual Care department by calling us at 775-982-7729 during standard business hours or by using the prayer request form.

Our Spiritual Care team is regularly available at Renown Regional Medical Center weekdays from 8:15 AM to 4:45 p.m. You can expect a timely visit within one business day. If you have an urgent need on weekends or after hours, please ask your nurse or social worker to page the spiritual caregiver or chaplain on call.

There are no on-site spiritual caregivers or chaplains at Renown South Meadows Medical Center or Rehabilitation Hospital, but one may be requested.

If you already have a connection to a local religious institution, your clergy member is welcome to visit you. If you do not, we are happy to make a recommendation or connect you with an institution or faith group of your choice.


Spiritual Care Services

Renown’s Spiritual Care services range from basic spiritual care to support for the person on his or her journey to wellness to specialized multi-faith pastoral and chaplaincy care.

Among the places designated for individual and group devotion, meditation and worship are Renown’s Spiritual Center & Estelle J. Kelsey Interfaith Sanctuary, Fianna’s Healing Garden and the Dermody Children’s Healing Garden at Renown Regional Medical Center.

Whatever your preferences, we aim to provide an open, caring and compassionate environment that encourages and empowers patients and caregivers alike to draw on their own personal beliefs, practices and traditions for comfort, solace and strength.

For those who profess no spiritual or religious preference or have not identified a practice that offers them spiritual comfort, the Spiritual Care team is available to offer information and guidance or to simply be a compassionate and understanding presence or sensitive listener.