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Patient Transfers

Renown is the leading hospital and the designated trauma center for northern Nevada. Recognizing the hospital’s role as a referral center for northern Nevada and the eastern slope of the Sierras, the following information is provided to assist with the transfer process for patients:

Transfer Process

Arrange for an accepting physician and talk to an RN Case Manager. Call Renown Bed Control desk for bed availability at 775-982-2227.

Information required when you call:

  • Patient’s name, date of birth and Social Security number
  • Accepting physician
  • Diagnosis
  • Level or type of care (i.e. Cardiac, Intensive Care, Medical Surgical, Pediatric)
  • Approximate ETA
  • Method of transport
  • Insurance information

When bed availability is established or assigned, Bed Control will promptly contact the transferring facility. Bed Control will request a factsheet and all insurance cards to be faxed to the Bed Control Department at 775-982-4969. Bed Control can either provide the direct extension or transfer the call so that the nurse can report on the patient’s condition.


To be included at the time of patient transfer:

  • Copy of chart
  • All available diagnostic reports
  • EMTALA (Cobra) paperwork

Important Phone Numbers

 Emergency Department  775-982-4144
 Bed Control  775-982-2227
 Bed Control fax  775-982-4969
 After Hours fax  775-982-4969
 Admitting Supervisor  775-982-5610
 Admitting Nurse  775-982-5544
 Care Flight  775-982-9111
 REMSA  775-858-6000
 Renown Inn  775-982-5080
 Main hospital number  775-982-4100

Transfer Criteria


  • Glasgow Coma Score =< 13
  • Systolic blood pressure =< 90
  • Respiratory rate < 10 or > 29
  • Champion trauma score < 14
  • Penetrating injury to the chest, abdomen, head, neck or groin
  • 2 or more proximal long bone fractures
  • Burns >= 15 of body or involving face or airway
  • Fail chest
  • Acute paralysis, or high impact blow to the body which may include:
    • Fall >= 20 feet
    • Motor vehicle accident in which:
      • >= 20 miles per hours causing
      • >= 30 inches of damage to the body of the motor vehicle was displaced toward the rear
      • >= 18-inch intrusion into the passenger’s compartment patient side or ³ 24-inch intrusion on side opposite the patient
      • Patient was ejected
      • Rollover
      • Death in the same vehicle
  • Auto vs. Pedestrian >= 20 miles per hour


  • Acute severe symptoms of pain
  • Serious impairment to bodily function
  • Serious impairment to bodily organ
  • A pregnant woman who is having contractions
  • The health of a woman or unborn child is in serious jeopardy


  • Select the clinically appropriate facility
  • Make arrangement for an accepting physician
  • Determine the transfer status as a direct admit or to be evaluated in the emergency room
  • Renown Bed Control will return your call once a room assignment has been determined
  • Medical Center Bed Control at 775-982-2227 to determine bed availability

EMTALA Guideline Resource

The Nevada Hospital Association publishes the Nevada Consent Manual as a resource for association members and others. Updated biennially, the manual is a reference for consent and related healthcare law. It includes a thorough review of EMTALA guidelines pertaining to patient transfers from one health facility to another. The manual is a comprehensive, useful tool to ensure patient rights and confidentiality, and to facilitate informed decisions. The manual is available in CD format only.

For more information or to purchase the manual, go to:

Rural Health Information Clerk

The Rural Health Information Clerk in Renown’s Health Information Department will assist physicians and facilities in outlying areas with patient information and/or patient-related communication. The RHI Clerk is available Monday through Friday during regular business hours.

The RHI Clerk has ready access to a daily report of all inpatient admissions from rural or outlying communities in northern Nevada and California. This report is reviewed each day to confirm that a referring or family physician was named at the time of admission. If not, the RHI Clerk will review the patient’s History & Physical to determine if a referring physician has already received a copy. If this has not occurred, the RHI Clerk may contact the patient to determine if a primary care or family physician should receive the information. The records would then be forwarded with the patient’s signed consent. These records, which include the H&P, operative report and/or dictated consultations, will be forwarded to the identified physician’s office by mail or fax within 48 hours.

The RHI Clerk also maintains an auto fax service. Physicians may register to participate in this service. Remember, if your office fax number changes, the RHI Clerk must be notified.

For more information or to register for the auto fax service, contact the Rural Health Information Clerk at 775-982-5319.

Rural Services Coordinator

Karen Holcher, Rural Services Coordinator, serves as a liaison to assist physicians and facilities throughout the region that utilize Renown as a referral center. For providers in outlying areas, Karen is available to:

  • assist with transfer issues, administrative issues or concerns
  • provide resources and information
  • serve as a contact for TeleHealth projects or business development opportunities
  • service as a contact for CME education programs and conferences

Karen also works closely with physicians in the Reno-Sparks area to facilitate personal or program introductions to providers in outlying areas.

Click here to send an email Karen Holcher.

Office phone: 775-982-5055
Cell phone: 775-771-2041
Address: 1155 Mill St, Reno, NV 89502