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    • Tuesday, Jun 16, 2020

    Renown Celebrates Pride Month and LGBTQ+ Communities with Love

    Rainbow lights illuminate Renown’s iconic “LOVE” sculpture, and powerful employee stories shared during Pride Month. Reno, Nev. (June 16, 2020) –In celebration of Pride Month and Reno’s LGBTQ+ communities, Renown’s LOVE sculpture, a one-ton, welded aluminum artwork with letters 10-feet tall and eight-feet wide, will be illuminated by rainbow LED lights throughout the month of June. LOVE is located at Renown Regional Medical Center’s main entrance at 1155 Mill Street in Reno, Nev. and visible to vehicular and pedestrian traffic along the Mill Street and Ryland Street corridors. Dr. Tony Slonim, president and CEO of Renown says, “At Renown, we are proud to support our LGBTQ+ communities. During Pride Month and beyond, we are honored to offer an inclusive, safe environment for our staff and patients—one that celebrates diversity in all its forms. The LOVE sculpture has already brought a bright light into our world, and I look forward to the joy it will bring to everyone who gets to see it in rainbow colors.”    In commemoration of Pride Month, Renown is committed to highlighting some of the LGBTQ+ individuals who make up a portion of its 7,000 employees. Sean Savoy, Renown’s manager of spiritual care, shares how his experiences as a gay man positively affect his career in spiritual healing and the compassion he shows others.     "The foundation of spiritual care is compassion – being with people in need by caring, supporting, and showing empathy, and promoting a sense of well-being,” said Savoy. Being a member of the LGBTQ+ community informs that deep sense of compassion and empathy in a very special and unique way.I have found the intersectionality of my gay and spiritual selves has been a blessing in my life."  Created by artist Laura Kimpton and fabricated by Jeff Schomberg, the LOVE sculpture first appeared at Burning Man in 2019. Thanks to a partnership with non-profit Artown, the sculpture debuted at Renown in April of 2020, and since served as a symbol of hope and determination for hospital staff, patients and community members amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Generous donors and the Renown Health Foundation funded the sculpture’s instillation.   ###   About Renown Health  Renown Health is a locally governed and locally owned, not-for-profit integrated healthcare network serving northern Nevada, Lake Tahoe and northeast California. Renown is one of the region’s largest private employers with a workforce of more than 7,000. It comprises three acute care hospitals, a rehabilitation hospital, the area’s most comprehensive medical group and urgent care network, and the region’s largest and only locally owned not-for-profit insurance company, Hometown Health. Renown has a long tradition and commitment to continually improve the care and the health of our community. For more information, visit Media Contact: Public Relations M: 775-691-7308 E:

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    Air Guard RN Makes an Impact in Community and Beyond

    Everyday, Renown salutes its more than 150 active military and veterans on staff. Becca Gilbert, a Renown trauma nurse, is an example of the many outstanding service members at Renown who are serving both their country and their community. Becca Gilbert, BSN, RN, wears many uniforms. When she’s not wearing scrubs in her role as a trauma nurse in the intensive care unit of Renown Regional Medical Center, she’s wearing fatigues as a first lieutenant in the Nevada Air National Guard. “Service is huge,” says Becca Gilbert, RN, of her role in the Air Guard. “It’s something that is ingrained in me and a big part of who I am as a person. I find a lot of pride in being a part of something that is bigger than what is going on in my world.” Renown Health was named one of 15 recipients across the nation — and the only health system in the U.S. — for the Department of Defense’s highest employer award, the Secretary of Defense Employer Support Freedom Award, for exceptional support of its military employees. The Employer Support of the Guard and Reserves and Renown held a ceremony June 29 to recognize the award and to honor representatives of Renown who currently serve in the Guard and Reserves. With her Air Guard background, Gilbert is preassigned veteran patients at the Renown ICU. She says she’s able to relate to the veterans and their families and create a quick bond with them. “I’ve been assigned patients who are guard members with traumatic injuries — it’s good but hard,” Gilbert explains. “But I really love working with patients who are veterans.” Gilbert’s first career was as a veterinarian technician. Then enlisted in the Nevada Air National Guard in August 2008 — following in her father’s footsteps — and trained to serve as an EMT. While she was a medic, she went to nursing school for her second bachelor’s degree and was able to commission as an officer after graduation. Serving Our Community Gilbert says her work in the guard offers benefits that help with her job responsibilities at Renown, where she’s worked for four years. “At Renown, we are really a team and rely on each other to make sure there are good outcomes,” she says. “In the guard, officers are often put in charge, which teaches you a lot of things — organization, decision making and thinking of others. I think all of those things go hand-in-hand with my role as a nurse, especially in the ICU. People in the guard count on you as an officer and leader, and that is really important in the ICU when patients are counting on you for a positive outcome.” Gilbert’s responsibilities in the guard vary, including training for disaster relief missions and ensuring service members are fit and healthy enough to perform their jobs. “Training is a large part of the military — trauma training, physical fitness training and staying current on certifications,” she says. Locally she also leads the Self Aid Buddy Care program, a United States Air Force program that encompasses basic life support and limb-saving techniques to help wounded or injured personnel survive in medical emergencies until medical help is available. With the guard, Gilbert has also been involved in a bleeding-control program for volunteers in the community. She teaches community groups how to stop bleeding if they are a bystander to a car accident or other type of event, and is working with Renown trauma surgeon Marty Bain, M.D. to implement the program at Renown as well. Making a Difference Abroad In January, Gilbert was presented with an opportunity through the Nevada Guard State Partnership Program to travel outside the United States to the Kingdom of Tonga in the South Pacific and work at the Women and Children Crisis Centre, which assists families who are dealing with domestic violence. Gilbert praised the women who work at the center for their efforts towards change, as she says domestic violence is common in Tonga. “The women who work at the Women and Children Crisis Centre are pioneers,” she says. “They are trying to make changes by documenting what is going on and providing statistics to the lords and kings of Tonga. Some of it still isn’t accepted, but they continue to help the women and children of Tonga. They are helping so many people.” Renown Health salutes Gilbert for her tireless service to her country and her community here at home.

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    • Thursday, Oct 29, 2020

    Renown Health Announces Cancer Program Leadership Team

    Dr. Max J. Coppes announced as Cancer Center Directory, Larry Duncan as Cancer Center Administrator for Renown's Institute for Cancer, with goal to improve the health and well-being of Nevadans. Renown Health is excited to announce that effective today, Max J. Coppes, MD, PhD, MBA has been appointed to a new leadership role as the Cancer Center Director for Renown’s Institute for Cancer. Dr. Coppes, a pediatric oncologist by training, has experience in leading large-scale, nationally-recognized academic adult and pediatric cancer center teams in both the U.S. and Canada. “If you know Dr. Coppes, you know he has the passion, dedication and commitment to build and foster the partnerships needed to create a leading comprehensive cancer center and program that spans the spectrum for patients and their families; from prevention to treatment to survivorship to palliative care,” said Tony Slonim, MD, DrPH, President and CEO, Renown Health. Also effective today, Larry Duncan, MS, has been appointed as Cancer Center Administrator for Renown Health, working in dyad partnership with Dr. Coppes to support the development of this important service line. Larry will also continue his service as Vice President of Pediatrics and Surgery & Administrator of Renown Children's & Women’s Services “Together, as they have done so successfully for Renown Children’s Hospital, Dr. Coppes and Larry Duncan will be responsible for the strategic direction, operations, fiscal management and recruitment of professionals to the Renown Institute for Cancer,” said Sy Johnson, MBA, chief of staff for Renown Health. “As one of Renown’s ‘Destination Health’ service lines, Dr. Coppes and Larry will continue to support an integrated leadership model that puts the patient at the center of all that we do.” Dr. Coppes came to Reno in 2014 from the British Columbia Cancer Agency in Vancouver, where he served as president with responsibility for six regional cancer centers and two cancer research centers. He was an attending physician at BC Children's Hospital, an adjunct professor of Health Sciences at Simon Fraser University, and a professor of Medicine and Pediatrics at the University of British Columbia. During his career, Coppes served as senior vice president at Children's National Medical Center in Washington, D.C. and held positions at several prestigious facilities in the U.S. and Canada including The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) in Toronto, Georgetown University, The National Cancer Institute, and the Cleveland Clinic. Since 2016, Dr. Coppes has served in the joint leadership role as the Nell J. Redfield Chair of Pediatrics at the University of Nevada School of Medicine and pediatrician-in-chief at Renown Children's Hospital, a position made possible through generous philanthropic support from the Nell J. Redfield Foundation along with investments by Renown Health and the UNR School of Medicine. Over the last five years, Duncan has served as Vice President of Pediatrics and Surgery & Administrator of Renown Children's and Women's Hospital, with oversight for Renown’s Pediatric Emergency Room and general and specialty pediatric physician practices. He has also served as Chief Operating Officer for Renown Regional Medical Center with oversight of pharmacy, imaging, nutrition, laboratory services and operating rooms. Prior to coming to Renown, Duncan served as CEO for El Paso Children’s Hospital and served in executive capacities for Children's Hospital of Wisconsin, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and Rush University Medical Center.  “The Renown Institute for Cancer has Full Accreditation with Commendation from the Commission on Cancer of the American College of Surgeons in all 7 areas. Only 25% of cancer programs attain this distinction, which recognizes the quality of comprehensive, multidisciplinary patient care. Renown is the only accredited Community Hospital Comprehensive Cancer program in northern Nevada to be selected, and one of only three programs statewide,” says Max J. Coppes, MD, PhD, MBA. “That is certainly an excellent foundation on which to build on, and such a gift for our community.”  “Renown’s cancer nurses, patient navigators, social workers, palliative care specialists, geneticists, nutritionists, clinical trial researchers, physical rehab specialists and the entire team provides prevention and screening to help reduce the incidence of cancer and reduce the late stage presentation of cancers,” says Larry Duncan, MS. “Helping patients and families navigate their journey begins at the time of diagnosis, with the help of our nurse navigators, and extends throughout the patient’s treatment. We are making great strides in long-term survivorship and are pleased to be recognized for the comprehensive nature of our research, care, education and community outreach programs.”  According to the National Cancer Institute, the Age-Adjusted Death Rate of 153.5 per 100,000 population due to Cancer for Washoe County has seen significant improvement in the last several years, and now meets the Healthy People 2020 national health target of reducing the overall cancer death rate below 161.4 per 100,000 population. The Healthy People 2030 national health target is to reduce the overall cancer death rate to 122.7 deaths per 100,000 population.  The National Cancer Institute (NCI) defines cancer as a term used to describe diseases in which abnormal cells divide without control and are able to invade other tissues. According to the NCI there are over 100 different types of cancer, but breast, colon, lung, pancreatic, prostate, and rectal cancer lead to the greatest number of annual deaths. Risk factors of cancer include but are not limited to; age, alcohol use, tobacco use, a poor diet, certain hormones, and sun exposure. Although some of these risk factors cannot be avoided -- such as age -- limiting exposure to avoidable risk factors may lower risk of developing certain cancers. About Renown Health Renown Health is the region’s largest, locally owned and governed, not-for-profit integrated healthcare network serving Nevada, Lake Tahoe and northeast California. With a diverse workforce of more than 7,000 employees, Renown has fostered a longstanding culture of excellence, determination and innovation. The organization comprises a trauma center, two acute care hospitals, a children’s hospital, a rehabilitation hospital, a medical group and urgent care network, and the region’s largest, locally owned not-for-profit insurance company, Hometown Health. Renown’s institute model addresses social determinants of health and includes: Child Health, Behavioral Health & Addiction, Healthy Aging and Health Innovation. Clinical institutes include: Cancer, Heart and Vascular Health, Neurosciences and Robotic Surgery. Renown is currently enrolling participants in the world’s largest community-based genetic population health study, the Healthy Nevada Project® . For more information visit, www.renown.

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    • Friday, Aug 11, 2023

    Sharing the Love: Renown Health & Hometown Health Fund Grants to Support 74 Local Non-Profit Community Organizations

    Renown and many partners are working to help improve the health and well-being of northern Nevadans. Renown Health’s mission is to make a genuine difference in the health and well-being of people and communities. Yesterday, Reno’s only not-for-profit health system celebrated local organizations with grant funding for 2023 to improve the health and well-being of our community.    “Improving the health and wellness of an entire population of people is not easy. It is a huge task. Nevada continues to rank near the bottom of overall health rankings in the U.S. and suffers from high mortality rates for chronic conditions like heart disease, cancer, and chronic respiratory disease,” said Brian Erling, MD, MBA, President & CEO of Renown Health. “We must continue to work with partners in the field, who share our mission- to keep people healthy, to make healthcare more accessible and affordable, and to achieve the vision of a healthier Nevada.”  As a non-profit organization, Renown reinvests every dollar earned back to the community; in staffing, technology, treatments, training, and research to improve health and prevent illness. Yesterday, their senior leadership team took an hour to celebrate and support local not for profit partners for their efforts to improve the well-being of our community, with a boxed lunch, conversation, cake and therapy dogs from Renown’s volunteer program.  “Renown Health has long-standing commitment to the community spans more than 160 years,” said Suzanne Bharati Hendery, MA, APR, Chief Communications & Customer Experience Officer for Renown. “This commitment has grown and evolved through significant thought and care in considering our community’s most pressing health needs. One way this is done is through conducting a periodic, comprehensive Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA). The most current assessments were completed by an external health care consulting service working with Renown and include quantitative and qualitative data that serve to guide both our community benefit and strategic planning. Through the CHNA process, Renown Health has identified the greatest health needs among our communities, enabling Renown to ensure our resources are appropriately directed toward outreach, prevention, education, and wellness opportunities where the greatest impact can be realized.” Renown’s Community Benefit grant funding process for 2023 is now complete. This is the second year of Renown’s 3-year Community Health Needs Plan that seeks to improve the priorities of Healthy Behaviors; Immunizations and Infectious Diseases; Behavioral Health (Mental Health & Substance Abuse) and Youth & Adolescent Health.  The success of the health system’s partnerships in improving the health of Washoe County is measured in the health statistics and data that is reported at the local, state, and national level on the website,  Also attending the event were key members of the Renown Health team including; Christine Bosse, Chief Government Relations Officer; Paul Harris, Chief Legal Counsel; Dr. Paul Hauptman, Chief Academic Officer-Renown and Dean, UNR School of Medicine; Dr. Rahul Mediwala, CEO, Renown Medical Group; Chris Nicholas, CEO, Renown Regional Medical Center; Dr. Bill Plauth, Chief Medical Officer & Associate Dean Clinical Affairs at UNR Med; Chuck Podesta Chief Information Officer; Sandeep Randhawa, Chief People Officer; Bethany Sexton, CEO, Hometown Health; Greg Walaitis, Chief Development Officer; Sam Weller, CEO, Renown South Meadows Medical Center and Renown Rehabilitation Hospital.  The 74 non-profit local organizations awarded Community Health grants or sponsorships by Renown Health for 2023 include: 1. A.V.A. Ballet Theatre 2. Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Northern Nevada Chapter 3. LEAD with Horses 4. National Alliance on Mental Illness Northern Nevada 5. National Alliance on Mental Illness NV 6. Nevada Area Council, Boy Scouts of America 7. Northern Nevada Breastfeeding Coalition 8. The Empowerment Center 9. United Cerebral Palsy of Nevada 10. Northern Nevada Dream Center 11. Nevada State Medical Association 12. Cancer Community Clubhouse 13. Sierra Kids Foundation 14. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northern Nevada 15. Cystic Fibrosis Foundation 16. Nevada Corporate Giving Council 17. American Foundation of Suicide Prevention 18. American Lung Association in Nevada 19. Ashlee’s Toy Closet, Inc 20. Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada 21. Down Syndrome Network of Northern Nevada 22. Eddy House 23. Mammoth Hospital 24. Nevada Public Health Association 25. The Life Change Center 26. The Moonridge Foundation 27. Truckee Meadows Community College Foundation 28. University of Nevada, Reno Foundation 29. Women and Children's Center of the Sierra 30. Center for Adaptive Riding 31. City of Sparks Parks and Recreation 32. Life Is Worth It 33. Sierra Nevada Donor Awareness 34. STEP2 35. Alzheimer's Association 36. Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Nevada 37. Nevada Military Support Alliance 38. Note-Able Music Therapy Services 39. Safe Kids Washoe County 40. Special Olympics Nevada 41. Trauma Intervention Program of Northern Nevada (TIP), Inc. 42. Reno Rodeo Foundation 43. Artown 44. Washoe County Medical Society 45. Girl Scouts of the Sierra Nevada 46. Tyler Robinson Foundation 47. Community Foundation of Northern Nevada 48. Truckee Meadows Tomorrow (TMT) 49. City of Reno 50. Community Health Alliance 51. Education Alliance of Washoe County 52. Forever 14 53. Make-A-Wish Northeastern & Central California and Northern Nevada 54. Nevada Donor Network 55. Nevada Medical Center, dba Hope Means Nevada 56. Pinocchio's Moms on the Run 57. Ronald McDonald House Charities Northern Nevada, Inc. - Reno, NV 58. Safe Talk for Teens 59. Special Recreation Services, Inc. 60. Our Center 61. Boys & Girls Club of Truckee Meadows 62. Food Bank of Northern Nevada 63. Nevada Women's Fund 64. Northern Nevada Children's Cancer Foundation 65. Northern Nevada HOPES 66. Reno Cancer Foundation 67. Redirect Youth Outreach 68. Immunize Nevada 69. High Fives Non-Profit Foundation 70. Child Assault Prevention Project of Washoe County 71. Communities In Schools of Western Nevada 72. Quest Counseling & Consulting Inc. 73. University of Nevada, Reno Foundation 74. The Children's Cabinet About Renown Health Renown Health is Nevada’s largest, not-for-profit integrated healthcare network serving Nevada, Lake Tahoe, and northeast California. With a diverse workforce of more than 7,000 employees, Renown has fostered a longstanding culture of excellence, determination, and innovation. The organization comprises a trauma center, two acute care hospitals, a children’s hospital, a rehabilitation hospital, a medical group and urgent care network, and the locally owned not-for-profit insurance company, Hometown Health. To join the Renown Health team, visit

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