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LGBTQ+ at Renown

Senior Leadership Embraces LGBTQ Patient-Centered Care

We are proud that the senior leader in each of the following areas have completed “LGBTQ Patient-Centered Care: An Executive Briefing” training an introduction to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning (LGBTQ) identities and understands diversity as a health issue, discrimination—specifically in healthcare, social issues, and strategies for delivering accessible and affirming healthcare. In addition, this series discusses policy and accreditation changes related to serving LGBTQ patients and identifies ways to assist health care facilities in creating inclusive environments for LGBTQ patients. This training is provided through the Human Rights Campaign Foundation through The Center for Affiliated Learning (The CAL). This includes the highest-ranking staff members at Renown Health.

  • Organization leadership- CEO, COO, medical director, vice president, counsel, or similar “C-suite” leader)
  • Nursing management
  • Patient relations/services management
  • Admitting/registration management
  • Human resources management 

In addition, all physicians, medical providers and employees have free HEI training options available through the National LGBTQIA+ Health Education Center AND The CAL. In addition, 100% of Renown team members receive training in LGBTQ Patient-Centered Care on an annual basis. 


Specific Services for LGBTQ patients include:

  • Routine HIV/STD/STI testing and counseling, more information is found here
  • Provision of PEP (post-exposure prophylaxis) for patients at risk for HIV
  • Provision of PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) for patients at risk for HIV
  • HIV care and services, More information is found here


Caroline Barangan

Caroline Barangan, MD

Renown Children’s Hospital Specialty Clinic-Pediatrics

Kathryn Eckert

Kathryn L Eckert, MD

Pediatric Endocrinology Associate Professor of Pediatrics University of Nevada Reno School of Medicine

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  • Insurances Accepted
    All insurances accepted. The office will take care of any authorization or payment plan on their end. Be sure to script to the patient that, “We may not be contracted with that insurance plan, but we will be happy to bill it.  You may be responsible for the out-of-network costs”. They do take HPN Medicaid, Anthem Medicaid, Silver Summit and Medicaid FFS.
  • Conditions We Treat

    Evaluated, Counseled and Coordination of Care:

    • Adolescent gynecology – menstrual disorders, vaginal complaints, gynecological exams
    • Sexual/ Reproductive health – birth control, sexually transmitted infection testing/ treatment/ prevention
    • Nutrition – evaluation and management of eating disorders and disordered eating
    • LGBTQIA+ care – Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, Queer, Intersex, Asexual
    • Mental health - evaluation, counseling and coordination of care 
    • Behavior and School Performance issues – evaluation, counseling and coordination of care
    • Substance use – evaluation, counseling and coordination of care
    • Dermatology – mild to moderate acne

Trans Voice and Communication Clinic, Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology at UNR Med. 

The Trans Voice and Communication Clinic serves the Reno-Sparks and surrounding community Transgender population (FtM and MtF). The clinic provides assessments and individualized treatment programs to all ages for the purpose of voice modification and communication skills to better match gender identity. The University of Nevada, Reno Speech and Hearing Center and its clinics are a Safe Zone. Clinicians and supervisors are LGBTQIA friendly.

We are pleased to provide access and resources through the Northern Nevada Transgender Resource Guide.

Eliminating Bias and Insensitivity

The Renown Health team has procedures and practices aimed at eliminating bias and insensitivity, and ensuring appropriate, welcoming interactions with transgender patients in the following areas. Training is conducted annually.

  • Recording of the patient's name and pronouns in use admitting/registration records
  • Use of patient's name and pronouns in use when interacting with and referring to transgender patients
  • Protocols for interacting with transgender patients
  • Guidelines for room assignments for transgender patients
  • Access to restrooms
  •  Access to items that assist gender presentation 
  • Addressing potential problems with insurance/billing claims
  • Access to hormone therapy 
  • Compliance with privacy laws

Electronic Medical Record

Renown’s electronic health records offer a way to explicitly capture the following information.

  • Gender Identity

    Does your EHR offer a way to record that the patient's gender identity differs from the sex they were assigned at birth and/or the gender shown on any identification, insurance, or other documents used in admitting/registration?   Yes, this information may be recorded via explicit options.

    Renown Health’s electronic health records use a two-question process to collect data on gender identity (ie. first asking current gender identity and then asking sex assigned at birth.

  • Organ Inventory
    Does your EHR offer a way to capture a patient's organ inventory? Yes, this information may be recorded via explicit options.
  • Sexual Orientation
    Does your EHR offer a way to capture a patient's sexual orientation?   Yes, this information may be recorded via explicit options.
  • Name in Use
    Does your EHR offer a way to capture the patient's name if it differs from their legal name AND prominently display this name in a banner or pop-up?   Yes, this information may be recorded via explicit options.
  • Pronouns
    Does your EHR offer a way to capture the pronouns that should be used when referring to a patient AND prominently display these pronouns in banner or pop-up?   Yes, this information may be recorded via explicit options.
  • Family Structures
    Renown Health’s Electronic Medical Record offers an explicit way to capture diverse family structures such as same-sex parents of pediatric patients (i.e: mother 1, mother 2 or parent 1, parent 2, etc.)